Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Total Pinterest FAIL

I love Pinterest.

Just want to put that out there, cause I do. 

But tonight? Total and complete fail. 

I have really, really crappy feet. Extra wide, prone to warts (I know, gross.), and scaly to the extreme. I've tried everything and am pretty much at the point of going back to the podiatrist, but while browsing Pinterest this afternoon for 3rd birthday party ideas, I came across this pin

Seemed harmless, and we had all the ingredients to when the kids got into bed I gave it a try. Listerine, vinegar, and water; minty fresh callus free feet here I come! 

Holy crap y'all, where was my brain?!? In hindsight I realize that the key ingredients for dying Easter eggs are vinegar and dye, but combining them in my miracle foot bath nothing clicked. Dumb, dumb, dumb. 

Wanna see a picture of my feet?
Blue! And it won't come off!  

My feet are softer, but that could be correlated to the lotion and microplaner I subjected them to, they burn, AND THE CALLUSES DIDN'T MELT OFF LIKE BUTTER. My hopes and dreams for beautiful feet have been smashed. 

Pinterest, today you stink. 


  1. I saw this on FB before Summer. I never tried it, but wondered about it.

    BTW, love the color of the nail polish!