Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sarah Got Married!

My sister got MARRIED last weekend! She is now Mrs. Burns and Kyle is a legal part of the family, even though we have claimed him for years. 
Thanks Paige for the photo!
The wedding was gorgeous and very Sarah-esque. This is the church (via a 'borrowed' Facebook picture), how beautiful right? 
Hannah, Abbey, Katie, and I were her attendants. Sarah chose wisely, we are ridiculously good looking for sure. 
Sarah babysat for Katie and then traveled with their family to New Zealand, where they now live. It was so great to get to see them again!
After the ceremony, my Mom orchestrated a live butterfly release that turned out beautifully. 
Isn't my sister gorgeous? She just as pretty on the inside too. 
Her dress was a vintage find that was over a hundred years old. Cream eyelet with a train, and of course I don't have a better picture of it. Hopefully Sarah will post a better picture of it soon!

After the reception, this group of crazies decorated their car. I'm sure Kyle LOVED it.

The weekend before the wedding we had a girls night for Sarah and a couples bridal shower. We went out to dinner and then had a spa themed sleepover.
Charity, Abbey, myself, Stuart
Ashley, Jenny, and Hannah
Water beads!
Sarah was only a tiny bit embarrassed by her bachlorette gifts, we tried to keep them pretty tame;)
My LOVE sign made an appearance at both showers, getting all the mileage out of that thing that I can!
Hostesses Hannah, myself, and Haylee
You have to admit, they are a pretty cute couple. The canvas behind them was a wedding gift from the photographer who took the photo. I love it! My favorite picture of them so far, and if it wasn't creepy I would hang it at my house. 
Love you guys and hope you are having a wonderful time on the East Coast!

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