Thursday, July 25, 2013

Otto is THREE

Otto is three! He's been trying to convince me all day that he is actually five, but we're trying to keep him young while we can.

Today, was a little bit on the crazy side, Chris had an early morning exam, our house was appraised and had to be show ready, and poor Meri tossed up her breakfast. Otto took it all in stride and kept reminding me that his party was at Minky's house. And it was! The Sunday after Sarah and Kyle's wedding we had a shark themed pool party to celebrate our big kid. 
Uncle Michael carved this awesome shark out of a watermelon after a quick glimpse at a Pinterest pin. This boy just oozes talent, very grateful that I reap the benefits! There were water guns and bubbles but the biggest attraction was the pool!

We recently bought a puddle jumper and Otto loves it. It has really boosted his confidence and cruising all over the pool with it on, makes me more confident too! We are definitely going to need one for Meredith too.
Aunt Abbey!
Sweet Miss Olivia! She has changed so much in the last few years. 
Addison! She is a fish and loved the puddle jumper too, jumping off the side into the deep end with no fear!
I think he had the best time, and sported these shades most of the afternoon. Gotta protect those sensitive eyes!
Little Stephen! I think this pacifier is just hilarious, my Mom thinks it's cruel and unusual punishment.  Little baby Mater;)
Otto was too busy to pose on the shark for me, but Meri did!
The food was delicious, there were leftovers from the wedding and so we served excellent fajitias. We did try the hotdog octopuses from Pinterest and they worked! A few of the little people actually tried them too:)
Otto picked these special cupcakes out himself and was very excited to share them with his friends. He had one of each color.
Present opening blew Otto's mind. This is his first real party (Mom fail!) and so much at once was confusing. Why can't you play with a toy as soon as you open it?!
Our attempt at a family picture. Otto LOVES the bug catcher that my parents gave him and was trying to catch the camera.

We did try to redeem the day a bit and while the house was being appraised went birthday browsing at Target. I had high hopes that we would come home with a real bike, but Otto wasn't impress. "Let's keep looking Mom." So we did and ended up coming home with a plastic shovel (That he was calling a hooker and is currently sleeping with--I think he was trying to come up with hoe...although that doesn't sound much better.), M&M's, and a green garbage truck. He was thrilled so I call the trip a success.

Chris had a looonnngg day at work so the littles and I went for a walk before bedtime. We started the walk like this... (Meredith is feeling much better.

...and ended it like this. I'll sleep well tonight for sure!

Happy Birthday Otto! So glad that we have to spend three awesome years with you!

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