Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh House Hunting. You Suck.


We've still got nothing.

As in, no place to live in 19 days. Cold sweat is starting to happen.

Out of the first three homes that we looked at, only one was acceptable. But, we couldn't get the property manager to call us's like they didn't want us to give them money. I tell you, there's the reason our economy is in trouble, people need to do their jobs!

I did about three minutes of internet snooping and found the owner via Facebook and sent him a message, but of course he hasn't replied, because I'm pretty sure I came across as a giant creepy stalker. But hey! He should know that his management company is slacking. While snooping I also came across a dispute from the former tenant who claimed that this poor owner's previous property manager ignored a leak in the roof that led to mold growing in the ventilation system. Her children ended up with severe asthma and pneumonia. Seeing as our three year old deals with the same issues, moving into an allergy prone house is a horrible idea.

Beautiful house, excellent location, great yard, but not for us. (Horrible paint, but still great house.)

Unless....they somehow they haven't called us back because they are so busy fixing said problems.

Yeah, right. Wishful thinking to the max.

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  1. It's very unfortunate on that mishap with the property manager! Incompentence is never an excuse, and you have every right to be angry. These people have to serve their corporations and property owners, and balancing them is not easy. However, there are competent people that can serve you better without compromising other factors.
    Trinity Verity @