Wednesday, July 17, 2013

House Hunting

So. If all goes as planned, we will be homeless very, very shortly. House hunting has been on the agenda quite a bit recently. After a little recon in the area surrounding Chris' new office we narrowed our search to three rentals and today went to look at them.
They are all BIG. Most of the homes in this area are two story and much larger than the home we currently own. Otto and Meri thought exploring each of the properties was the greatest, and neither one had an issue with the staircases. 

It was very obvious which house we liked the most, exactly what I prayed for, but it sadly isn't perfect. And by not perfect, I mean it has a BURNT ORANGE kitchen...and living, office, and master bedroom accent walls. 
What were the owners thinking??? I threw up a little in my mouth from just walking through the place. Seriously, the ugliest color on the planet. And it's A LOT of wall space, so painting would be quite the ordeal. Chris seems to think that we can live with it for a year (what the freaking heck?!?), while I was already pricing paint in my mind. 
The house is very nice and has a large back yard that overlooks the 'Dallas hill country'. There is a neighborhood pond that we saw two boys fishing at, and the commute for Chris would be under 15 minutes. Our realtor is talking with the owners, so we will see. It will be a big relief to have a plan for moving, but if all else fails we will be taking my Dad up on his '30 days rent free' policy. ;)

On the way home from the mid-cities, I made a pit stop at Love Field and picked up this girl!
Lindsay flew in from New York state to join for the fun that is wedding week. Sarah and Kyle get married in three days!!!

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