Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Happy fourth of July everyone! We were lucky this year and got to celebrate twice. Last Saturday we went to Dave's house in Allen to watch the fireworks show that the city puts on up close and personal. His house is directly across the street from the park that host's the show, and we possibly had the best seats in the house. 
The park also has a large jungle gym that Otto and Chris explored. 

Both babies did great and really enjoyed the fireworks, even though they were quite loud. Otto did borrow Dave's noise canceling headphones:)
Dave also has an original Nintendo...Otto got to try Duck Hunt for the first time, he's a fan. 
The piano was also a big hit, Otto demanded that he be left alone, and was singing to his original compositions.  (Please note Meredith in the foreground working on her walking skills. She really like something about Dave's house and has decided that walking is cool now. Since Saturday she has been using her walking skills as a form of transportation, not just for applause.)
Meri was such a trooper and tolerated staying up way too late very well, but she wasn't into picture I took pictures of her hair instead. Love pigtails on little people:)

And today, these cute people invited us to their family celebration at Laura's parent's house. 
Otto was thrilled, he has a tiny bit of a crush on Laura. 
He also thinks that Matt is pretty great too...and he should, Matt helped fish him out of the pool when Otto decided to dive in by himself. (He's fine, just tried to jump from the side to a float, not realizing that it wasn't a solid surface. He came up crying, but only because he thought we would have to go home. Kept reassuring me that, "I'm okay Mommy, I'm okay. I go swim.")

Meredith also enjoyed some time in the pool with Daddy. I'm really hoping that when we move we'll be closer to an indoor pool so that swim lessons will be an option year round.
Aren't these two the cutest?! It's hard to tell when sitting that they are five months apart, Belton is delightfully squishy!
Something clicked and Otto figured out how to pedal this little car down the drive. I think a B-I-K-E with training wheels might be a needed gift when he turns three (!!!) in a few weeks.

 Hope you all had a beautiful day! Happy Independence Day!

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