Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh House Hunting. You Suck.


We've still got nothing.

As in, no place to live in 19 days. Cold sweat is starting to happen.

Out of the first three homes that we looked at, only one was acceptable. But, we couldn't get the property manager to call us's like they didn't want us to give them money. I tell you, there's the reason our economy is in trouble, people need to do their jobs!

I did about three minutes of internet snooping and found the owner via Facebook and sent him a message, but of course he hasn't replied, because I'm pretty sure I came across as a giant creepy stalker. But hey! He should know that his management company is slacking. While snooping I also came across a dispute from the former tenant who claimed that this poor owner's previous property manager ignored a leak in the roof that led to mold growing in the ventilation system. Her children ended up with severe asthma and pneumonia. Seeing as our three year old deals with the same issues, moving into an allergy prone house is a horrible idea.

Beautiful house, excellent location, great yard, but not for us. (Horrible paint, but still great house.)

Unless....they somehow they haven't called us back because they are so busy fixing said problems.

Yeah, right. Wishful thinking to the max.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Otto is THREE

Otto is three! He's been trying to convince me all day that he is actually five, but we're trying to keep him young while we can.

Today, was a little bit on the crazy side, Chris had an early morning exam, our house was appraised and had to be show ready, and poor Meri tossed up her breakfast. Otto took it all in stride and kept reminding me that his party was at Minky's house. And it was! The Sunday after Sarah and Kyle's wedding we had a shark themed pool party to celebrate our big kid. 
Uncle Michael carved this awesome shark out of a watermelon after a quick glimpse at a Pinterest pin. This boy just oozes talent, very grateful that I reap the benefits! There were water guns and bubbles but the biggest attraction was the pool!

We recently bought a puddle jumper and Otto loves it. It has really boosted his confidence and cruising all over the pool with it on, makes me more confident too! We are definitely going to need one for Meredith too.
Aunt Abbey!
Sweet Miss Olivia! She has changed so much in the last few years. 
Addison! She is a fish and loved the puddle jumper too, jumping off the side into the deep end with no fear!
I think he had the best time, and sported these shades most of the afternoon. Gotta protect those sensitive eyes!
Little Stephen! I think this pacifier is just hilarious, my Mom thinks it's cruel and unusual punishment.  Little baby Mater;)
Otto was too busy to pose on the shark for me, but Meri did!
The food was delicious, there were leftovers from the wedding and so we served excellent fajitias. We did try the hotdog octopuses from Pinterest and they worked! A few of the little people actually tried them too:)
Otto picked these special cupcakes out himself and was very excited to share them with his friends. He had one of each color.
Present opening blew Otto's mind. This is his first real party (Mom fail!) and so much at once was confusing. Why can't you play with a toy as soon as you open it?!
Our attempt at a family picture. Otto LOVES the bug catcher that my parents gave him and was trying to catch the camera.

We did try to redeem the day a bit and while the house was being appraised went birthday browsing at Target. I had high hopes that we would come home with a real bike, but Otto wasn't impress. "Let's keep looking Mom." So we did and ended up coming home with a plastic shovel (That he was calling a hooker and is currently sleeping with--I think he was trying to come up with hoe...although that doesn't sound much better.), M&M's, and a green garbage truck. He was thrilled so I call the trip a success.

Chris had a looonnngg day at work so the littles and I went for a walk before bedtime. We started the walk like this... (Meredith is feeling much better.

...and ended it like this. I'll sleep well tonight for sure!

Happy Birthday Otto! So glad that we have to spend three awesome years with you!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sarah Got Married!

My sister got MARRIED last weekend! She is now Mrs. Burns and Kyle is a legal part of the family, even though we have claimed him for years. 
Thanks Paige for the photo!
The wedding was gorgeous and very Sarah-esque. This is the church (via a 'borrowed' Facebook picture), how beautiful right? 
Hannah, Abbey, Katie, and I were her attendants. Sarah chose wisely, we are ridiculously good looking for sure. 
Sarah babysat for Katie and then traveled with their family to New Zealand, where they now live. It was so great to get to see them again!
After the ceremony, my Mom orchestrated a live butterfly release that turned out beautifully. 
Isn't my sister gorgeous? She just as pretty on the inside too. 
Her dress was a vintage find that was over a hundred years old. Cream eyelet with a train, and of course I don't have a better picture of it. Hopefully Sarah will post a better picture of it soon!

After the reception, this group of crazies decorated their car. I'm sure Kyle LOVED it.

The weekend before the wedding we had a girls night for Sarah and a couples bridal shower. We went out to dinner and then had a spa themed sleepover.
Charity, Abbey, myself, Stuart
Ashley, Jenny, and Hannah
Water beads!
Sarah was only a tiny bit embarrassed by her bachlorette gifts, we tried to keep them pretty tame;)
My LOVE sign made an appearance at both showers, getting all the mileage out of that thing that I can!
Hostesses Hannah, myself, and Haylee
You have to admit, they are a pretty cute couple. The canvas behind them was a wedding gift from the photographer who took the photo. I love it! My favorite picture of them so far, and if it wasn't creepy I would hang it at my house. 
Love you guys and hope you are having a wonderful time on the East Coast!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

House Hunting

So. If all goes as planned, we will be homeless very, very shortly. House hunting has been on the agenda quite a bit recently. After a little recon in the area surrounding Chris' new office we narrowed our search to three rentals and today went to look at them.
They are all BIG. Most of the homes in this area are two story and much larger than the home we currently own. Otto and Meri thought exploring each of the properties was the greatest, and neither one had an issue with the staircases. 

It was very obvious which house we liked the most, exactly what I prayed for, but it sadly isn't perfect. And by not perfect, I mean it has a BURNT ORANGE kitchen...and living, office, and master bedroom accent walls. 
What were the owners thinking??? I threw up a little in my mouth from just walking through the place. Seriously, the ugliest color on the planet. And it's A LOT of wall space, so painting would be quite the ordeal. Chris seems to think that we can live with it for a year (what the freaking heck?!?), while I was already pricing paint in my mind. 
The house is very nice and has a large back yard that overlooks the 'Dallas hill country'. There is a neighborhood pond that we saw two boys fishing at, and the commute for Chris would be under 15 minutes. Our realtor is talking with the owners, so we will see. It will be a big relief to have a plan for moving, but if all else fails we will be taking my Dad up on his '30 days rent free' policy. ;)

On the way home from the mid-cities, I made a pit stop at Love Field and picked up this girl!
Lindsay flew in from New York state to join for the fun that is wedding week. Sarah and Kyle get married in three days!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Total Pinterest FAIL

I love Pinterest.

Just want to put that out there, cause I do. 

But tonight? Total and complete fail. 

I have really, really crappy feet. Extra wide, prone to warts (I know, gross.), and scaly to the extreme. I've tried everything and am pretty much at the point of going back to the podiatrist, but while browsing Pinterest this afternoon for 3rd birthday party ideas, I came across this pin

Seemed harmless, and we had all the ingredients to when the kids got into bed I gave it a try. Listerine, vinegar, and water; minty fresh callus free feet here I come! 

Holy crap y'all, where was my brain?!? In hindsight I realize that the key ingredients for dying Easter eggs are vinegar and dye, but combining them in my miracle foot bath nothing clicked. Dumb, dumb, dumb. 

Wanna see a picture of my feet?
Blue! And it won't come off!  

My feet are softer, but that could be correlated to the lotion and microplaner I subjected them to, they burn, AND THE CALLUSES DIDN'T MELT OFF LIKE BUTTER. My hopes and dreams for beautiful feet have been smashed. 

Pinterest, today you stink. 

House Update

We are under contract! YAY!

Our house listing went live on the MLS on a Wednesday, and by Friday we had two offers. The first was from an investor, and too low to consider, but the second was a keeper. After negotiating over the weekend we had a signed contract right before the 4th of July holiday. There have been a few more amendments since the inspection, but they are minimal. Fingers (and toes!) crossed that it's smooth sailing from here on out.

If everything goes smoothly with the buyers financing we will close on August 15th. Chris started commuting to work this week, and it's a solid hour at best, so we will be glad to move closer.  We are 90% sure that we will be renting for at least a year, but would buy if we found the perfect house at a great price. Let the house hunting begin!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Happy fourth of July everyone! We were lucky this year and got to celebrate twice. Last Saturday we went to Dave's house in Allen to watch the fireworks show that the city puts on up close and personal. His house is directly across the street from the park that host's the show, and we possibly had the best seats in the house. 
The park also has a large jungle gym that Otto and Chris explored. 

Both babies did great and really enjoyed the fireworks, even though they were quite loud. Otto did borrow Dave's noise canceling headphones:)
Dave also has an original Nintendo...Otto got to try Duck Hunt for the first time, he's a fan. 
The piano was also a big hit, Otto demanded that he be left alone, and was singing to his original compositions.  (Please note Meredith in the foreground working on her walking skills. She really like something about Dave's house and has decided that walking is cool now. Since Saturday she has been using her walking skills as a form of transportation, not just for applause.)
Meri was such a trooper and tolerated staying up way too late very well, but she wasn't into picture I took pictures of her hair instead. Love pigtails on little people:)

And today, these cute people invited us to their family celebration at Laura's parent's house. 
Otto was thrilled, he has a tiny bit of a crush on Laura. 
He also thinks that Matt is pretty great too...and he should, Matt helped fish him out of the pool when Otto decided to dive in by himself. (He's fine, just tried to jump from the side to a float, not realizing that it wasn't a solid surface. He came up crying, but only because he thought we would have to go home. Kept reassuring me that, "I'm okay Mommy, I'm okay. I go swim.")

Meredith also enjoyed some time in the pool with Daddy. I'm really hoping that when we move we'll be closer to an indoor pool so that swim lessons will be an option year round.
Aren't these two the cutest?! It's hard to tell when sitting that they are five months apart, Belton is delightfully squishy!
Something clicked and Otto figured out how to pedal this little car down the drive. I think a B-I-K-E with training wheels might be a needed gift when he turns three (!!!) in a few weeks.

 Hope you all had a beautiful day! Happy Independence Day!