Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pictures From Today

The ceiling fan in our room gave up the ghost a few days ago, so today the littles and I made a trip to Lowe's to find a replacement. We were thankful for an outing; they have both been pushing limits this week and a distraction from our norm was greatly appreciated. 

They were so excited to ride in this ridiculously huge cart. 
Meri is bare footed because she has suddenly hit a growth spurt, her feet aren't wider, but they are definitely longer. Not a single pair of her shoes fit this morning. And while her shirts still fit, getting them on is difficult, it seems her head circumference grew overnight! 

After Lowe's we stopped for groceries. Chris is taking a day off tomorrow so I can attend a CE class to maintain my hygiene license. We picked up lots of little people friendly snacks...if they continue the extreme behavior they've been exhibiting all week, having lots of snacks and distractions is going to be needed. They'll most likely be on their best behavior, Daddy tends to being that out in them, but just in case, you might want to cross your fingers for Chris. 

Otto is super photosensitive so he borrowed my glasses on the walk back to the car. 
And tonight Chris continued working on our garage reorganizing extravaganza...Otto helped himself to a pair of his Dad's shoes and told me he needed to go outside to "Help my best friend!". 
I love that his Dad is his best bud. He even told the gentleman who helped us pick out our ceiling fan that he and his Dad were "best fwiends". :)

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