Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

We decided to clean the oven today. Thankfully, it was a really cool day so having all the windows open with the fans on was possible. And Otto thought the little fire that started from the cookies that overflowed last week was pretty neat, so that was a win.

Yesterday was Father's Day. My babies are so blessed to have a great Dad who truly loves them. We had a slow day at home. Chris went out to the back porch and Otto followed him...carrying two lovies just in case Chris wanted to "take his pants off and snuggle". (Otto's words, we have no clue where he came up with the idea, but we've been hearing it a lot lately.) I found them a little later napping together. It's June in Texas, over 95 degrees, and they are napping with two blankets. :)
I spent the day reorganizing our bedroom closet (hello too much coffee!) so we picked up take out for dinner. Otto and Meri were pretty pumped to go for a ride in Daddy's car!
Poor Meri was fighting with another molar (j), but thankfully it broke though today. Hopefully she'll feel a little better now.

After dinner I turned on the soaker hose in the front flower bed while moving some things to the car. My little buddies followed me outside, and quickly discovered that the hose had sprung a leak.
Obviously, they loved it.
They interrupted their playing with trips to the neighbor's yard to roll down the hill. Even Meredith managed to make it over there a few times. While she knows how to walk, and can walk about ten feet, she continues to choose crawling as her main form of transportation. 
This girl was soak and so muddy.
Fresh jammies after a warm bath and they slept great, almost to nine this morning!

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