Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Swim(s)!

We got a new little pool for the back porch a few weeks ago. I took pictures of our first night swimming, but then completely forgot to post them! Lucky you, here they are now;)

Otto was a bit hesitant at first, he's convinced that pool's should be pink. (The last two summer's it has been, thanks to Nana sharing one with us.)
Meredith was very excited to give it a try.
A little splashing by the side...
...then in she went! Home girl was ecstatic!
She's crazier with the splashing than Otto, and gets huge thrills out of dunking her face under for a drink.
About three minutes later she was sporting blue lips, but had no desire to get out. Water straight from the hose is chilly!

We pulled her out to dry off, but she kept making a beeline back to the pool.
And a few weeks ago, we were visiting East Texas and Meri got to go swimming with Daddy in her grandparent's pool. 
Cute suit number two! She has several, but I'm not sure why. Most evenings we use the pool to rinse them off after dinner, an outside bath if you will, sans clothing. 

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