Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brain Dump

Meri got her first molar today! (a)

Otto has a fever. A very yucky fever that has him shivering under an Aggie blanket on a pallet in the living room watching cartoons at 11:00pm. And we're letting him because when you revisit the chicken nuggets from dinner via your nose you deserve special treatment. :-/

We spent the day at home supervising (ha! more like distracting) the guys retiling the master bath. We (probably me, I get big pregnant) somehow managed to crack a few of the floor tiles, and when we went to repair them learned that the tile had been discontinued. So new tile it is!
Otto wasn't a fan of the demo, loud noises aren't his thing right now, so while that part of the process was going on, and before his temperature rose, we went to Chickfila for lunch.
Always a favorite, today was extra fun because Meri figured out how to climb the slide. Crossing my fingers that we didn't spread all kinds germs to the other children that played there today.
Such a big kid now!
Our last stop was at Lowe's for fresh plants for the flower bed (the first set died of thirst, oops!). Meredith is loving sunglasses right now. She doesn't like chocolate milk however, as demonstrated by her outfit. How dare I offer her anything other than water?!

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