Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BIG News

We aren't pregnant. Nice guess though.


We're moving! (What? You thought we were cleaning the garage and replacing tile and fans for kicks and giggles? Please. I even cleaned the oven.)

Chris was promoted to a different position at work (yay Chris!), and while it is still in the DFW metroplex, the new job is almost an hour from our house. The commute would be difficult, and we don't want to lose that much Daddy time each day, so we are selling our house and transitioning to a mid-cities location.

This a little earlier than we planned to move, but the timing seems to work out. We AREN'T pregnant, or have a newborn, and the real estate market has swung to the sellers favor for the first time in several years. It's time to sell.

So. Yesterday a sign went up in the yard, and today our listing went live! Now we are just waiting for gobs of people to beat down our door with offers. That's how it works, right?

Wanna see? Disclaimer: Our house doesn't look like this in real life...we totally got a storage shed and hid half our stuff.
View from the entry way

From the dining room looking into living area

Dining room


Master bedroom

Otto's room
Meredith's room

Back porch
It feels odd living in a space that it so sterile. All of our Sarah pictures are in storage or covered with scrap book paper, it feels sacrilegious!

I'm a little sad to leave this house, it's been a great little home with lots of good memories, but this move really is for the best. I know that we will find new adventures wherever we land:)

Send all the sell fast juju you have to spare, Chris starts his new job next week!


  1. These pictures don't do your sweet he justice. Hope you get a buyer soon so you can relax & live a little