Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Nights

It's been warm here this week. The babies having been enjoying the sprinkler and pool to stay cool. I appreciate it because it's an outside activity that keeps the house semi tidy, and waters the lawn at the same time. 

Last night it was sprinkler time, chili cheese dogs, and then Minky stopped by for a visit before picking Aunt Abbey up from camp. Pretty wonderful night!

House update: We had our first showing this morning! No clue how it went, but I'm glad that there is interest in our house:) The babies and I took Macklemore's advice and went thrifty store hopping to kill the two hours we had to be out of the house. Getting out of the house before 8:30 was rough (we had to wake Otto up, poor guy), but I much prefer running errands in the morning opposed to the heat of the afternoon. Today is going to be the hottest day so far, 103!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BIG News

We aren't pregnant. Nice guess though.


We're moving! (What? You thought we were cleaning the garage and replacing tile and fans for kicks and giggles? Please. I even cleaned the oven.)

Chris was promoted to a different position at work (yay Chris!), and while it is still in the DFW metroplex, the new job is almost an hour from our house. The commute would be difficult, and we don't want to lose that much Daddy time each day, so we are selling our house and transitioning to a mid-cities location.

This a little earlier than we planned to move, but the timing seems to work out. We AREN'T pregnant, or have a newborn, and the real estate market has swung to the sellers favor for the first time in several years. It's time to sell.

So. Yesterday a sign went up in the yard, and today our listing went live! Now we are just waiting for gobs of people to beat down our door with offers. That's how it works, right?

Wanna see? Disclaimer: Our house doesn't look like this in real life...we totally got a storage shed and hid half our stuff.
View from the entry way

From the dining room looking into living area

Dining room


Master bedroom

Otto's room
Meredith's room

Back porch
It feels odd living in a space that it so sterile. All of our Sarah pictures are in storage or covered with scrap book paper, it feels sacrilegious!

I'm a little sad to leave this house, it's been a great little home with lots of good memories, but this move really is for the best. I know that we will find new adventures wherever we land:)

Send all the sell fast juju you have to spare, Chris starts his new job next week!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Swim(s)!

We got a new little pool for the back porch a few weeks ago. I took pictures of our first night swimming, but then completely forgot to post them! Lucky you, here they are now;)

Otto was a bit hesitant at first, he's convinced that pool's should be pink. (The last two summer's it has been, thanks to Nana sharing one with us.)
Meredith was very excited to give it a try.
A little splashing by the side...
...then in she went! Home girl was ecstatic!
She's crazier with the splashing than Otto, and gets huge thrills out of dunking her face under for a drink.
About three minutes later she was sporting blue lips, but had no desire to get out. Water straight from the hose is chilly!

We pulled her out to dry off, but she kept making a beeline back to the pool.
And a few weeks ago, we were visiting East Texas and Meri got to go swimming with Daddy in her grandparent's pool. 
Cute suit number two! She has several, but I'm not sure why. Most evenings we use the pool to rinse them off after dinner, an outside bath if you will, sans clothing. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Otto as Elmer Fud

Last Friday went excellently. Chris has mad baby watching skills, he managed to cross three large items off the honey-do list AND keep the kids happy and alive. Otto got to help install the new ceiling fan, and now he is even more on the 'Daddy is my best friend' train. We ran an errand this morning without Chris and Otto was in tears most of the time that we were gone, "I lost my best friend! I need to go home. I just love him so much."

Speaking of keeping the kids happy while I was gone, Chris introduced Otto to Bugs Bunny on YouTube. And for the last few days, Otto has been skulking around the house, hunched over like Elmer Fud, peering into corners with an imaginary gun, saying, "I'm going to shoot that silly wabbit." It's absolutely hilarious.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pictures From Today

The ceiling fan in our room gave up the ghost a few days ago, so today the littles and I made a trip to Lowe's to find a replacement. We were thankful for an outing; they have both been pushing limits this week and a distraction from our norm was greatly appreciated. 

They were so excited to ride in this ridiculously huge cart. 
Meri is bare footed because she has suddenly hit a growth spurt, her feet aren't wider, but they are definitely longer. Not a single pair of her shoes fit this morning. And while her shirts still fit, getting them on is difficult, it seems her head circumference grew overnight! 

After Lowe's we stopped for groceries. Chris is taking a day off tomorrow so I can attend a CE class to maintain my hygiene license. We picked up lots of little people friendly snacks...if they continue the extreme behavior they've been exhibiting all week, having lots of snacks and distractions is going to be needed. They'll most likely be on their best behavior, Daddy tends to being that out in them, but just in case, you might want to cross your fingers for Chris. 

Otto is super photosensitive so he borrowed my glasses on the walk back to the car. 
And tonight Chris continued working on our garage reorganizing extravaganza...Otto helped himself to a pair of his Dad's shoes and told me he needed to go outside to "Help my best friend!". 
I love that his Dad is his best bud. He even told the gentleman who helped us pick out our ceiling fan that he and his Dad were "best fwiends". :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

We decided to clean the oven today. Thankfully, it was a really cool day so having all the windows open with the fans on was possible. And Otto thought the little fire that started from the cookies that overflowed last week was pretty neat, so that was a win.

Yesterday was Father's Day. My babies are so blessed to have a great Dad who truly loves them. We had a slow day at home. Chris went out to the back porch and Otto followed him...carrying two lovies just in case Chris wanted to "take his pants off and snuggle". (Otto's words, we have no clue where he came up with the idea, but we've been hearing it a lot lately.) I found them a little later napping together. It's June in Texas, over 95 degrees, and they are napping with two blankets. :)
I spent the day reorganizing our bedroom closet (hello too much coffee!) so we picked up take out for dinner. Otto and Meri were pretty pumped to go for a ride in Daddy's car!
Poor Meri was fighting with another molar (j), but thankfully it broke though today. Hopefully she'll feel a little better now.

After dinner I turned on the soaker hose in the front flower bed while moving some things to the car. My little buddies followed me outside, and quickly discovered that the hose had sprung a leak.
Obviously, they loved it.
They interrupted their playing with trips to the neighbor's yard to roll down the hill. Even Meredith managed to make it over there a few times. While she knows how to walk, and can walk about ten feet, she continues to choose crawling as her main form of transportation. 
This girl was soak and so muddy.
Fresh jammies after a warm bath and they slept great, almost to nine this morning!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Master Tile Complete!

The floors in the bathroom are done! So nice to have both bathrooms functioning again. 
The tile we found is an almost match for what is in the rest of the house. It's a shade darker and has a matte finish. I definitely prefer the finish, but there is no way we're replacing the hall bath, dining room,  entry, laundry, kitchen and backsplash just to appease my OCD brain.

Now to dust and damp mop the house, renovation is dirty work!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brain Dump

Meri got her first molar today! (a)

Otto has a fever. A very yucky fever that has him shivering under an Aggie blanket on a pallet in the living room watching cartoons at 11:00pm. And we're letting him because when you revisit the chicken nuggets from dinner via your nose you deserve special treatment. :-/

We spent the day at home supervising (ha! more like distracting) the guys retiling the master bath. We (probably me, I get big pregnant) somehow managed to crack a few of the floor tiles, and when we went to repair them learned that the tile had been discontinued. So new tile it is!
Otto wasn't a fan of the demo, loud noises aren't his thing right now, so while that part of the process was going on, and before his temperature rose, we went to Chickfila for lunch.
Always a favorite, today was extra fun because Meri figured out how to climb the slide. Crossing my fingers that we didn't spread all kinds germs to the other children that played there today.
Such a big kid now!
Our last stop was at Lowe's for fresh plants for the flower bed (the first set died of thirst, oops!). Meredith is loving sunglasses right now. She doesn't like chocolate milk however, as demonstrated by her outfit. How dare I offer her anything other than water?!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

She Walks!

Meredith has been taking a few steps here and there for about a week. Her record was six consecutive steps between Chris and I, and she would move around the room by hanging on the furniture and lunging in her desired direction. But tonight something clicked and she took off!  She is so excited to be moving!

I'm a little nervous that she will be running by next week!

And in the sake of documenting everything, she also threw her first fit today. I wouldn't let her eat a doorstop, ah the injustice.
Meredith, I know it won't always be funny, but you are ridiculously cute when you're mad. The dramatic way you threw yourself on the carpet and actually beat your fists on the ground--I had a hard time keeping a straight face.