Friday, May 24, 2013

Yo, yo

So, I stink at updating, but what's new? Does it count that I have a list of things to blog about, and actually took pictures at those events, but just haven't done anything with them?

We've hit a phase of cruddy sleep for Meredith. She's a year old and this is the first real bout of sleep drama, so I'm not complaining, but I am complaining. It's hard to fight it out at bedtime when it's been so simple in the past, we were/are spoiled with her easy temperament. I think it's a combination of things causing this latest upheaval--being ready to drop a nap, switching to cow's milk, and she developing her own opinions about how things should be done. We've also had to start getting on to her about certain things we'd really like to nip in the bud quickly, you know, like hitting her brother in the head with a toy golf club and laughing about it. The sad face she makes when you tell her 'No! Soft touches!' is just beyond ridiculous. Full on pout with injured eyebrows, people. It's so much harder to discipline a child that gets wounded instead of defiant when corrected. And I'm the mean one, Chris can't even listen to her cry, he gets positively twitchy. We might be in trouble in the years to come, just sayin'.

She is pretty darn cute though.
Otto has really, REALLY gotten into Dora the Explorer. Like really into Dora. We don't watch Thomas or Brobee anymore, just Dora. (Addison, I'm blaming this one on you!) We came home from the store today with Dora yogurt and he's told me several times that he needs a backpack. But he does know how to say up, down, thank you, and open in Spanish now, so there's that.

Otto has been doing really well with potty training. He's been dry during the day for a few months now, but now has been staying dry at nights as well. We've started offering incentives to solidify this accomplishment. A few weeks ago we went out for froyo, and then he informed us that next week we would be going to the Apple restaurant. Now, we've never eaten taken him to the Apple restaurant (Applebees) but he was adamant. So when he was successful, we went. Y'all, it was like in Sweet Home Alabama. "You have a a bar!" I didn't realize there were still places that allowed smoking inside? And the conversations going on around us were rather adult, but thankfully neither munchkin was paying attention. Otto got his special treat and was thrilled, so mission accomplished.

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  1. Kane gets wounded instead of defiant! He's much more sensitive than other kids. Good luck! :)