Sunday, May 5, 2013

Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

When Meredith was a wee peanutty eight pounds, my sister took this picture. Adorable, right? First birthday theme in the works since day one:) 
The swaddle and hat were made by my very talented friend Kala. (You can find Meri modeling it in her Etsy shop, PicklesandKisses!)
At her nine month shoot (when the poor girl had the flu and I didn't realize until after because she isn't a complainer) we continued the theme with a button onesie.
And at her party on Saturday, she rocked another handmade outfit to finish out the set!
 We had her party at a park a few minutes from our house, where the littles could play. I ordered the cake from a local mommy because baking isn't my thing at all. Didn't she do a great job??
Aunt Abbey also has some serious baking skills, she brought these cookies to add to the dessert table. Cute and they tasted delicious!
And if that wasn't enough sugar, we sent the little people home with a giant lollipop, keeping in theme with the book. The thank you tags were made by Becca at JumpingJaxDesigns. She also designed the invitation which was perfect.
I found these cute tags via Pinterest, and ran with the idea of eating what the caterpillar ate in the book. We also added finger sandwiches to add a little protein:)
 All the little people! (Just missing Addy and Stephen who hadn't arrived yet.) Props to Laura and Ben for taking one for the team and holding little people up for the picture!
Baby Stephen! Getting so big!
I'm hoping that all the sugar was balanced out by playtime on the swing set/gerbil cage. Otto was exhausted last night and didn't argue with bedtime at all, crossing my fingers our little friends slept well too.
Meri has developed a little stranger danger over the last week and wasn't completely her bubbly self on Saturday. She did, however, do a great job smashing her cake, but only ate a bite! Sweets just aren't her thing. Talk about a little version of her Dad, she doesn't get that from me!
 The balloons on her chair were more her style:)
Otto helped her get started, and showed her it was edible. He's related to me for sure.

Such a clean cake smash, only the tiniest bit on her mouth! This was a one wipe clean-up people, and she didn't even have to change!
We are so grateful for this sweet girl! The past year has definitely been the best (and fastest) of our lives, and it wouldn't have been the same without our MeriMae!

(Thanks Uncle Mike for taking pictures for me!)

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  1. Everything turned out adorable! Sarah had been giving me the scoop on the plans - just LOVE it! Happy birthday MeriMae!!!