Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Story Time Success

Meri is just about ready to transition to one nap a day...the past week has been a little crazy and she has been dragging bedtime out to nine thirty or ten. No go little girl, the first nap has got to go. 

This morning we went to the library story hour to distract her from the old routine. Total success! Not only did we make it to one without falling asleep, but both littles sat through the stories and participated in the sing-a-longs! A first for us! 
Poor girls pigtails are totally crooked. My hair skills are lacking. Meri was blown away that everyone sang her favorite song. (If You're Happy and You Know It)

I'm just a tad excited that the library is an option now!
Meredith was flirting with the guy sitting behind us until she looked up and realized that wasn't her Daddy. She was a tiny bit shocked:) 

A computer that they can play with, thrilling! 
Hoping this continues and we can make it a regular Tuesday date! 

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