Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Otherwise known as the day I torture my kids with picture taking and then eat chocolate pie while crying over how much they've changed in the last year. Want to be sentimental too? Here are the last two years, look at how teenie Meri was last year! 2012 2011
Otto was not amused with my picture taking schemes, he wanted to be playing the the dirt with his trusty spatula. Meredith is singing 'If You're Happy and You Know It' complete with hand motions, it's our latest favorite game:)

See what I mean? Not into it. Doesn't he realize I NEED pictures?! And his outfit, not what I would have picked, but we have reached the 'dress yourself' stage and it's pretty stinking adorable.
This girl? At SUCH a fun age. Her personality is really coming out, and she is just a mess. She has decided that I am her favorite person and that we should be attached at the hip all.the.time. Not that I mind, but it does get a little complicated when Otto wants to snuggle too. She may weigh 15 pounds less, but she knows how to defend her lap space.
And can we talk about the hair? The pigtails are getting crazy long and thankfully she tolerates them well. 
We were jumping to insure happy faces for the camera, just look at the hair, she might be about to take flight!
Otto and I had a face smashing contest in an attempt to get an updated picture of my oldest kiddo. I think he won.
Pretty blessed to get to hang out with this silly dude and his sister all day.
Pretty wonderful day, both little napped at the same time so I did too and then chocolate pie for dessert after dinner. Happy Mother's Day all!

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