Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meredith is ONE!

And just like that, a year has passed. Meredith is one! 

We tried to document the first day of her second (holy woah!) year, but little Miss was not into it. I promise we started the shoot with tidy hair and fresh clothes, but within the first three minutes of being outside she had torn a hole in her leggings, jumped out of a chair face first, and started sweating. It wasn't a hot day today, Hot Mess Weldy was just on the go! 

Oddly enough, my kids seemed to reverse roles today and Otto was the one begging to have his picture taken. "Take MY picture Mommy. I smile, cheese!"
But we did manage some photos of our brand new one year old, wearing the seriously adorable outfit that was baby gift when she was just a wee peanut. (Hi Bazil family!)
Meri seemed to realize today was a special day, she got a new tooth AND learned how to drink from a straw! (Chickfila lemonade is a great incentive!)
She can stand on her own for a few seconds before slowly lowing herself to the ground. She even took a lunging step in Otto's direction the other day, but we are pretty sure it was a fluke. Walking isn't far away! 
Crawling, however, is no problem. This girl is fast! And there is no fear; she will crawl out the door, off the porch, and up on the hill in the back yard with no hesitation. 

This is a common view of Meredith, and most of the time she's shrieking with laughter because she knows she's being chased. 
We tried containing her in Chris' lap, but no, she wanted down. Too much to explore!
One of her favorite games is playing airplane while being tickled. 
But after Meri's turn, Otto needed to join in--this is what it's like at our house most of the time, happy, fun, and the peanuts pairing up to take down a parent. 
Her party is Saturday, and we are excited, but today we celebrated at home. She had Honey Nut Cheerios with bananas for breakfast (such a big girl treat!), a lunch date at Chickfila, and beans with a side of peas (two of her favorites) for dinner.  
Daddy came home and brought a special bouquet of flower just for her, and then took us out for froyo!

Picking her yogurt!
 Ready to taste!
Strawberry yogurt with black berries and gummy bears. (Suspiciously the same thing her Mom orders...)
First bite!
She wasn't a fan! It was too cold:( This girl is totally related to her Dad. Looks like we will be microwaving her ice cream in the future.
 Otto had no problem scarfing down his birthday cake yogurt, topped with mini M&M's, brownies, and sour worms.
Sweet girl, we love you so much! Happy first birthday! 

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  1. Aww, sweet girl! It's crazy how fast a year has gone by!! She's a doll!!