Thursday, May 9, 2013

12 Month Check-up and Stats

Meredith's twelve month well visit at the pediatrician's was Monday morning. I've been dreading this appointment because the last few visits were not happy ones, and she has really hit a stranger danger phase.

We managed to make it out of the house, and to the doctor's office on time and decently dressed. I only forgot the much loved, and needed for comfort, pacifier, and Otto's shoes. Mommy FAIL. At least the non-walker had really adorable shoes on right?  

Waiting to be called back. She has no idea what's coming:-/
Otto thought being shoeless was a grand adventure, and made sure everyone we passed knew about it. Being a covert operative probably isn't in his future. (We also had to go to the bathroom, not once, but twice while waiting. In a germ filled public bathroom, barefoot!)

The drama really started once we got to an exam room. Little Miss WAS NOT happy to be there. (And we weren't torturing her to take pictures for the blog, the cell phone camera was our main distraction)
Isn't that just the most sad, suspicious face? It gets worse, just wait. 

Joyce, the very patient and kind nurse, managed to weight and check her height through the sad sobs. She filled put at the paperwork that needed updating and just let me initial it, because Meri wouldn't let me get within three feet of the crackly paper on the exam table:(

She weighed 20.6 pounds, which is 60th percentile, and was 70th percentile for height but I totally missed that number. 
Dr Elliot came in and that's when she really lost it. He was very compassionate her fears (she is terrified, it's not just dramatic) and addressed all his questions to Otto. Otto updated him on her latest accomplishments and then, sadly, we held her down and checked her ears. They have made a full recovery, which is a relief. 

The only thing that calmed her down was playing with my Aggie ring. Meredith has excellent taste in jewelry. 
After two shots, we ran out of there as fast as we could. Meri was a mess until we pulled out of the parking lot, and then she was instantly fine. 

We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home for some therapeutic browsing and fruit leather/veggie chips as a special treat for surviving the appointment. My poor kids, not only do we torture them with regular doctors visits, we also 'reward' them with spinach fortified chips. 

I feel just awful that she is going through this stage of insecurity. Its not just strangers, she has started waking up at night and fighting nap-times because she doesn't want to be alone. People who try to say hello at the store panic her, and it doesn't help that her older brother keeps waving people over to say 'Hi'. There is one funny side though, when she is nervous she will try to defend herself. The ladies in the church nursery (where we tried to leave her for five minutes last Sunday) said she started pelting them with Goldfish and when that didn't work she beaned one of them with her pacifier. She may be small, but she's a fighter. 
Trying to 'nap' when we finally made it home.
Hopefully Otto will be able to bring her around to his way of thinking about going to see Dr Elliot before her 15 month check-up. Fingers crossed. 

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