Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today my babies' Daddy turned 29! Happy Birthday Chris!
Chris isn't a fan most sweets so we made him a birthday cake from a watermelon (thanks Pinterest!). Otto and Meredith thought it was amazing, they did a great job sampling all the fruits while we put it together. Otto has really become quite the little singer, and practiced 'Happy Birthday' all day in preparation for singing and blowing out the candles. 

And while Chris and to work on his birthday, we celebrated for him by going to the Grapvine Aquarium with the Tovar's. Lot's of fun, the littles were very impressed. Otto couldn't wait to tell Daddy about the blue (!!) jellyfish. 
And totally not birthday related, but Meri was having a rough time right before dinner (20 minutes of nap time ALL day will do that) and I needed to drain the noodles, a two hand required job. So I laid her on the carpet with her bottle, ad she held it! Total first! She's normally very happy to cuddle while you feed her.
Well, Otto wasn't impressed with her new skill...babies need to be fed! This is how I found them after pulling the pasta off the stove. He loves his baby:)
And she's in her birthday suit because she was about to feed herself dinner...not because my children seem to shed their clothes as soon as we walk in the door. 
 Happy Birthday Chris!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Hannah!

May is a good month for birthdays in our family. Meredith starts the months off, Chris turns 29 tomorrow, Michael just turn 18, and Hannah's birthday was the 17th. 

Dave was super sweet and planned a get together in Dallas. It was great to get to see everyone and I know it made Hannah feel very loved. 

Otto insisted that we make her a 'Raptor Cake'. I'm not quite sure what exactly that is, we don't even have a raptor in the house, and when we play dinosaurs it's with a T-rex and a brontosaurus. He settled for a settled for chocolate topped with pecans, his favorite. 

Hannah Hilton, Stuart, Sam, Abbey, and Dave!

Chris and Ashley!
Jenny, Mom, and photo-bombing Abbey.
Jenny, photo-bombing Abbey, who is photo-bombing Mom and Dad.
Meri, Abbey again, and Chris:)
A Lydia and Chris picture, all by ourselves!
Happy Birthday Aunt Hannah!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Yo, yo

So, I stink at updating, but what's new? Does it count that I have a list of things to blog about, and actually took pictures at those events, but just haven't done anything with them?

We've hit a phase of cruddy sleep for Meredith. She's a year old and this is the first real bout of sleep drama, so I'm not complaining, but I am complaining. It's hard to fight it out at bedtime when it's been so simple in the past, we were/are spoiled with her easy temperament. I think it's a combination of things causing this latest upheaval--being ready to drop a nap, switching to cow's milk, and she developing her own opinions about how things should be done. We've also had to start getting on to her about certain things we'd really like to nip in the bud quickly, you know, like hitting her brother in the head with a toy golf club and laughing about it. The sad face she makes when you tell her 'No! Soft touches!' is just beyond ridiculous. Full on pout with injured eyebrows, people. It's so much harder to discipline a child that gets wounded instead of defiant when corrected. And I'm the mean one, Chris can't even listen to her cry, he gets positively twitchy. We might be in trouble in the years to come, just sayin'.

She is pretty darn cute though.
Otto has really, REALLY gotten into Dora the Explorer. Like really into Dora. We don't watch Thomas or Brobee anymore, just Dora. (Addison, I'm blaming this one on you!) We came home from the store today with Dora yogurt and he's told me several times that he needs a backpack. But he does know how to say up, down, thank you, and open in Spanish now, so there's that.

Otto has been doing really well with potty training. He's been dry during the day for a few months now, but now has been staying dry at nights as well. We've started offering incentives to solidify this accomplishment. A few weeks ago we went out for froyo, and then he informed us that next week we would be going to the Apple restaurant. Now, we've never eaten taken him to the Apple restaurant (Applebees) but he was adamant. So when he was successful, we went. Y'all, it was like in Sweet Home Alabama. "You have a a bar!" I didn't realize there were still places that allowed smoking inside? And the conversations going on around us were rather adult, but thankfully neither munchkin was paying attention. Otto got his special treat and was thrilled, so mission accomplished.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Story Time Success

Meri is just about ready to transition to one nap a day...the past week has been a little crazy and she has been dragging bedtime out to nine thirty or ten. No go little girl, the first nap has got to go. 

This morning we went to the library story hour to distract her from the old routine. Total success! Not only did we make it to one without falling asleep, but both littles sat through the stories and participated in the sing-a-longs! A first for us! 
Poor girls pigtails are totally crooked. My hair skills are lacking. Meri was blown away that everyone sang her favorite song. (If You're Happy and You Know It)

I'm just a tad excited that the library is an option now!
Meredith was flirting with the guy sitting behind us until she looked up and realized that wasn't her Daddy. She was a tiny bit shocked:) 

A computer that they can play with, thrilling! 
Hoping this continues and we can make it a regular Tuesday date! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Otherwise known as the day I torture my kids with picture taking and then eat chocolate pie while crying over how much they've changed in the last year. Want to be sentimental too? Here are the last two years, look at how teenie Meri was last year! 2012 2011
Otto was not amused with my picture taking schemes, he wanted to be playing the the dirt with his trusty spatula. Meredith is singing 'If You're Happy and You Know It' complete with hand motions, it's our latest favorite game:)

See what I mean? Not into it. Doesn't he realize I NEED pictures?! And his outfit, not what I would have picked, but we have reached the 'dress yourself' stage and it's pretty stinking adorable.
This girl? At SUCH a fun age. Her personality is really coming out, and she is just a mess. She has decided that I am her favorite person and that we should be attached at the hip all.the.time. Not that I mind, but it does get a little complicated when Otto wants to snuggle too. She may weigh 15 pounds less, but she knows how to defend her lap space.
And can we talk about the hair? The pigtails are getting crazy long and thankfully she tolerates them well. 
We were jumping to insure happy faces for the camera, just look at the hair, she might be about to take flight!
Otto and I had a face smashing contest in an attempt to get an updated picture of my oldest kiddo. I think he won.
Pretty blessed to get to hang out with this silly dude and his sister all day.
Pretty wonderful day, both little napped at the same time so I did too and then chocolate pie for dessert after dinner. Happy Mother's Day all!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

12 Month Check-up and Stats

Meredith's twelve month well visit at the pediatrician's was Monday morning. I've been dreading this appointment because the last few visits were not happy ones, and she has really hit a stranger danger phase.

We managed to make it out of the house, and to the doctor's office on time and decently dressed. I only forgot the much loved, and needed for comfort, pacifier, and Otto's shoes. Mommy FAIL. At least the non-walker had really adorable shoes on right?  

Waiting to be called back. She has no idea what's coming:-/
Otto thought being shoeless was a grand adventure, and made sure everyone we passed knew about it. Being a covert operative probably isn't in his future. (We also had to go to the bathroom, not once, but twice while waiting. In a germ filled public bathroom, barefoot!)

The drama really started once we got to an exam room. Little Miss WAS NOT happy to be there. (And we weren't torturing her to take pictures for the blog, the cell phone camera was our main distraction)
Isn't that just the most sad, suspicious face? It gets worse, just wait. 

Joyce, the very patient and kind nurse, managed to weight and check her height through the sad sobs. She filled put at the paperwork that needed updating and just let me initial it, because Meri wouldn't let me get within three feet of the crackly paper on the exam table:(

She weighed 20.6 pounds, which is 60th percentile, and was 70th percentile for height but I totally missed that number. 
Dr Elliot came in and that's when she really lost it. He was very compassionate her fears (she is terrified, it's not just dramatic) and addressed all his questions to Otto. Otto updated him on her latest accomplishments and then, sadly, we held her down and checked her ears. They have made a full recovery, which is a relief. 

The only thing that calmed her down was playing with my Aggie ring. Meredith has excellent taste in jewelry. 
After two shots, we ran out of there as fast as we could. Meri was a mess until we pulled out of the parking lot, and then she was instantly fine. 

We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home for some therapeutic browsing and fruit leather/veggie chips as a special treat for surviving the appointment. My poor kids, not only do we torture them with regular doctors visits, we also 'reward' them with spinach fortified chips. 

I feel just awful that she is going through this stage of insecurity. Its not just strangers, she has started waking up at night and fighting nap-times because she doesn't want to be alone. People who try to say hello at the store panic her, and it doesn't help that her older brother keeps waving people over to say 'Hi'. There is one funny side though, when she is nervous she will try to defend herself. The ladies in the church nursery (where we tried to leave her for five minutes last Sunday) said she started pelting them with Goldfish and when that didn't work she beaned one of them with her pacifier. She may be small, but she's a fighter. 
Trying to 'nap' when we finally made it home.
Hopefully Otto will be able to bring her around to his way of thinking about going to see Dr Elliot before her 15 month check-up. Fingers crossed. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

When Meredith was a wee peanutty eight pounds, my sister took this picture. Adorable, right? First birthday theme in the works since day one:) 
The swaddle and hat were made by my very talented friend Kala. (You can find Meri modeling it in her Etsy shop, PicklesandKisses!)
At her nine month shoot (when the poor girl had the flu and I didn't realize until after because she isn't a complainer) we continued the theme with a button onesie.
And at her party on Saturday, she rocked another handmade outfit to finish out the set!
 We had her party at a park a few minutes from our house, where the littles could play. I ordered the cake from a local mommy because baking isn't my thing at all. Didn't she do a great job??
Aunt Abbey also has some serious baking skills, she brought these cookies to add to the dessert table. Cute and they tasted delicious!
And if that wasn't enough sugar, we sent the little people home with a giant lollipop, keeping in theme with the book. The thank you tags were made by Becca at JumpingJaxDesigns. She also designed the invitation which was perfect.
I found these cute tags via Pinterest, and ran with the idea of eating what the caterpillar ate in the book. We also added finger sandwiches to add a little protein:)
 All the little people! (Just missing Addy and Stephen who hadn't arrived yet.) Props to Laura and Ben for taking one for the team and holding little people up for the picture!
Baby Stephen! Getting so big!
I'm hoping that all the sugar was balanced out by playtime on the swing set/gerbil cage. Otto was exhausted last night and didn't argue with bedtime at all, crossing my fingers our little friends slept well too.
Meri has developed a little stranger danger over the last week and wasn't completely her bubbly self on Saturday. She did, however, do a great job smashing her cake, but only ate a bite! Sweets just aren't her thing. Talk about a little version of her Dad, she doesn't get that from me!
 The balloons on her chair were more her style:)
Otto helped her get started, and showed her it was edible. He's related to me for sure.

Such a clean cake smash, only the tiniest bit on her mouth! This was a one wipe clean-up people, and she didn't even have to change!
We are so grateful for this sweet girl! The past year has definitely been the best (and fastest) of our lives, and it wouldn't have been the same without our MeriMae!

(Thanks Uncle Mike for taking pictures for me!)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meredith is ONE!

And just like that, a year has passed. Meredith is one! 

We tried to document the first day of her second (holy woah!) year, but little Miss was not into it. I promise we started the shoot with tidy hair and fresh clothes, but within the first three minutes of being outside she had torn a hole in her leggings, jumped out of a chair face first, and started sweating. It wasn't a hot day today, Hot Mess Weldy was just on the go! 

Oddly enough, my kids seemed to reverse roles today and Otto was the one begging to have his picture taken. "Take MY picture Mommy. I smile, cheese!"
But we did manage some photos of our brand new one year old, wearing the seriously adorable outfit that was baby gift when she was just a wee peanut. (Hi Bazil family!)
Meri seemed to realize today was a special day, she got a new tooth AND learned how to drink from a straw! (Chickfila lemonade is a great incentive!)
She can stand on her own for a few seconds before slowly lowing herself to the ground. She even took a lunging step in Otto's direction the other day, but we are pretty sure it was a fluke. Walking isn't far away! 
Crawling, however, is no problem. This girl is fast! And there is no fear; she will crawl out the door, off the porch, and up on the hill in the back yard with no hesitation. 

This is a common view of Meredith, and most of the time she's shrieking with laughter because she knows she's being chased. 
We tried containing her in Chris' lap, but no, she wanted down. Too much to explore!
One of her favorite games is playing airplane while being tickled. 
But after Meri's turn, Otto needed to join in--this is what it's like at our house most of the time, happy, fun, and the peanuts pairing up to take down a parent. 
Her party is Saturday, and we are excited, but today we celebrated at home. She had Honey Nut Cheerios with bananas for breakfast (such a big girl treat!), a lunch date at Chickfila, and beans with a side of peas (two of her favorites) for dinner.  
Daddy came home and brought a special bouquet of flower just for her, and then took us out for froyo!

Picking her yogurt!
 Ready to taste!
Strawberry yogurt with black berries and gummy bears. (Suspiciously the same thing her Mom orders...)
First bite!
She wasn't a fan! It was too cold:( This girl is totally related to her Dad. Looks like we will be microwaving her ice cream in the future.
 Otto had no problem scarfing down his birthday cake yogurt, topped with mini M&M's, brownies, and sour worms.
Sweet girl, we love you so much! Happy first birthday!