Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thanks Michael!

We got a fun package in the mail from Uncle Mike this week! Otto was pumped to try his mustaches!  
He chose 'The Smartie' to try first, all by himself.
And then he had to try 'The Bandit'. 
Meredith is a tad crazy cakes these days, and getting a non blurry picture is difficult. This girl is on the move all. the. time. Because Uncle Michael also sent Meri a fun gift, I asked Otto to help hold her still so I could possible get a picture of her sporting her new pacifier. No go, he went straight for the neck.
 I tried getting him to 'hug' her, but that also was a fail.
 We finally pinned her down on the trampoline:)
 Hilarious pacifier, no?
Thanks Uncle Mike, they love them!

(And please don't think my children run around like this all the time, with one dressed and the other in his skivvies....normally Meri is sans clothes too:))


  1. Very cute! Stephen has a pacy just like that! They can be twinkles!! :)

  2. Hahahah they look great with them!