Thursday, April 25, 2013

So Much For Getting Back in the Game.

The blogging game that is...all my good intentions went down the crapper this week. But I'm catching up now...Not even allowing myself to do the dishes first. Sacrifice people, that's what life is all about.

While this week hasn't been productive in the blogging department, the munchkins and I have had fun. Yesterday we had a little lunch date to Chickfila. Otto wore his 'Father Bear' shirt. (Little Bear has become a new favorite, but he insists that it's all about Father Bear.)
Meri put away some chicken nuggets, she is really doing a great job eating anything you put in front of her.
We were sitting directly adjacent to the play area, and I let Otto go in by himself while we girls finished our meal. Meredith was practically begging to go too, so I let her crawl around like a big kid. Made her day.
During nap/Father Bear time, I've been working on organizing the master closet. These skirt hangers? Life changing.
Otto in really into anything doctor/injury related, thus the address label 'bandaids'. Meri was THRILLED that he included her in his game. "I'm Dr. Elliot, be still, check your ears."
I got a new foot for my sewing machine that gathers. AMAZING PEOPLE, AMAZING. See the ruffles? Makes me straight up happy.
My in-laws where here this past weekend, and Lisa totally helped me knock out some projects. The shelf that has been sitting on the counter forever now has a home! Anybody want to tell me how to decorate it?
Okay, now to get some posts lined up in the queue. 

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  1. First of all, I love this whole post. Second: How much /where do you get skirt hangers? Third: MERI IS SO BIG! Fourth: I adore the LOVE sign. Fifth: My sewing machines bobbin spinner is broken to where it just makes a jumbled mess of thread on the bobbin instead of a nice spool. If you know how to fix that call me!!