Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pictures Will Have to Wait

Oh man you guys. The last few days have been not so much fun.

Meredith wasn't making any improvements physically on Monday, and because her fever kept coming back when the ibuprofen would wear off, we took her in hoping to be sent home to wait out a virus, but knowing I would feel like scum if it was something treatable.

Well, I felt like scum. Double ear infection and a sinus infection.

AND the poor girl has gotten two teeth in the last four days (n,q), so she is hard-core teething as well. She is such a trooper. We have been keeping her on pain/fever relievers and started her on an antibiotic. The pediatrician was kind and put her on a once daily dose, instead of something she would need to take three times a day. He seemed to understand from the exam that this girl, while the happiest of babies, is NOT a fan of taking medications. It's like bathing a cat people, kicking, spitting, arch of the back, she can do it all.

While the drama of medicating Meri is going on, Otto is dancing around in the back ground begging to take it for her. "Please! I take blue medicine. Otto has an owie right there, I NEED medicine too!" He even convinced the doctor that he should get a prize for good behavior during Meredith's visit. These two have dramatically different opinions of doctors/medications for sure.

But the antibiotic the pediatrician prescribed? Binds to iron and turns bowel movements bright red. Meredith is a formula fed baby, which is iron fortified. See where this is going? That late night diaper change sent me running to Dr. Google really fast.

She is two doses in, so hopefully we see some major improvements soon. We all just feel horrible for her.

Also, on the way to the pediatricians, we stopped at Central Market to find some essential oils to diffuse with the humidifier to help with night time congestion. I was rushed and a little frazzled, and didn't realize it wasn't on the conveyer belt when we checked out. Well, I found it when we got to the doctor's office. In my purse. My little helper *cough, Otto, cough* had turned me into a shoplifter. We had to go back the next day (No hardship for sure, but it did wreck the grocery budget. So many yummy things!) and confess. Thankfully, they were very understanding and Otto hopefully learned a big lesson.

Thank you for letting me vent. Needless to say, her eleven month pictures haven't happened yet. So that post will just have to wait a bit.

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