Sunday, April 28, 2013

Park Adventure

Aunt Hannah spent the night with us last night. Our little people LOVE her, but they somehow thought that she was an excellent excuse to stay up late and therefore be completely off on their nap schedules today. Otto actually took a nap, how crazy is that?! (Not complaining Hannah, come back and get Otto to nap any day you like.)

So this afternoon, when he woke up, we decided some time outdoors was needed to burn off that newly stored energy and give some hope for a normal bedtime. A quick text to my friend Bonnie for dicections to a local walking/hiking park and we were out the door.

Contrary to his expression in this picture, he was excited. "We're going to the pork, woot woot." (Not a typo, park is pronounced pork right now.) I think it's hilarious that he actually uses the term, woot woot.
Now, Bonnie did warn us that this park isn't really stroller friendly and she wasn't kidding. She's going to laugh if she ever stumbles across this blog.

Our jogging stroller didn't want to stay in the car and the kids get heavy, so we gave it a shot.
There were a few spots where Otto had to walk and Meri was carried, but we made it! Definitely a workout for Chris and Otto told us, "Gonna be stinky, go home a take a nap." He was quite dirty and fell asleep quickly at bedtime so it was definitely worth it.

"I chasing Daddy!"
The views were spectacular!
Meredith is turning into quite the little thrill seeker. She wanted in the lake so badly and was practically throwing her hands up and shouting "Wheee" down the hills and over the big bumps; lots of laughter and giggles.
She was wearing jeggings for the first time--such cuteness!
Otto got a little carried away with skipping rocks and tossed in his sandal too. Luckily, Daddy was able to rescue it without taking a swim. 

We saw a rabbit, two ducks, and a grasshopper. Otto came home with a mildly scraped knee, but we were able to talk him out of going to see Dr. Elliot with antibiotic cream and an Aggie bandaid:)
Guess who also slept well last night? It was not difficult to fall asleep last night. 
On the way home we stopped at 'Sone-nic' for apple juice and cheeseburgers, we wouldn't want all that exercise to count for anything, would we? 

I just had the share the latest Pinterest trick that is revolutionizing our lives. Otto is demonstrating how to hold a juice box by it's 'ears'. No more accidental squeezes from little hands! And he thinks it's so funny, win!

(Sarah, we saw no less than five photographers while exploring. We'll have to show it to you, and your camera, sometime;))

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