Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meredith is Eleven Months Old!

Our little girl keeps getting older! Strange how that happens, isn't?

She is such a happy kid, always with a bright smile and a laugh.

In the last month she has really started expressing her personality and amped up the cute factor by about a million. She really wants to be big. Imitating Otto when she is able and chasing him from room to room, squawking loudly when he goes to fast for her to catch. She shields her eyes from bright sunlight and burrows into your shoulder when cold from getting out of the bath. I swear she tries to talk. I would have bet money the other day she said 'hair bow' clear as day. (Swearing and betting, the things your children make you do;)) A couple of times in the car she and Otto started singing together, which is beyond adorable.
Her favorite foods are green. When served mixed veggies she will pick out the green beans and eat them first. Avocado is also a big favorite.

And water. Oh water, Meredith LOVES it. She now has to have her own cup (not a sippy, those still aren't high on the list) at dinner, just like everyone else.
She has two new teeth, bring the total up to six. Sadly, this month also brought her first ear infection, of the double variety. With that came antibiotics, drops, and pain medicine. Giving this girl oral meds is worst than herding cats, bathing cats, or anything else that involves cats--we aren't cat people, so you know it's bad. It takes two people, and there are no tears (on her part), only rage. Chris and I are both praying that she never requires an extended dose of oral meds again.
She loves to 'walk' with support. Pulling up is old news, and she is now letting go for a few seconds at a time. After lunch a few days ago she stood up in her high chair because I didn't get her out quickly enough. :-/

She waves now which is crazy cute. The first person she waved at was Chris, very fitting because she absolutely adores him and is generally waiting for him when he gets home from work.

Happy eleven months Meri!
( I found her romper while thrifting before she was born. When I brought her outside to take pictures Chris wanted to know, "Why are you dressing her in a flour sack?? That is what this is, right?" Ha! I love babies in flour sacks! :))

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  1. Happy 11 months Meri Mae!! We love you! And they are all getting so big so fast!!