Friday, April 26, 2013

Day Out with Thomas!

It's no secret that Otto is a huge fan of Thomas the Train. So when his buddy Will suggested they go see the 'real' Thomas, Otto was on board in a heartbeat.

Sadly, my fully charged camera battery died after the first picture, so we had to resort to cells phone, but our little people had a wonderful time. Otto could. not. believe. we were actually meeting Sir Topham Hat, and Thomas, and Bertie (the generic shuttle from the parking lot). He was so impressed.
On the train ride we kept trying to point out things around him, but he was to awe struck to listen. "Just be quiet Daddy, just be quiet Mommy."
And he just sat there and adsorbed until we passed though a grove of trees. "Jobi logs, LOGS!" If you don't understand, Otto will gladly watch his favorite Thomas movie with you and fill you in.
My sweet friend, Sarah, took a picture of us all in front of the train. Otto was blown away, and demanded "Thomas! Talk to me! Talk to me!". I think we went a the perfect age, everything was real to him and he was so impressed. And Meri is waving, her latest skill:)
Afterward we stopped Cici's for Meri's first real visit to a pizza buffet. She did it justice, and Otto didn't do so bad himself;) Italian is high on their favorite food list. 
Excellent day for sure. Almost makes me willing to go to Yo Gabba Gabba Live just to see their reactions. Almost. 

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