Sunday, April 28, 2013

Park Adventure

Aunt Hannah spent the night with us last night. Our little people LOVE her, but they somehow thought that she was an excellent excuse to stay up late and therefore be completely off on their nap schedules today. Otto actually took a nap, how crazy is that?! (Not complaining Hannah, come back and get Otto to nap any day you like.)

So this afternoon, when he woke up, we decided some time outdoors was needed to burn off that newly stored energy and give some hope for a normal bedtime. A quick text to my friend Bonnie for dicections to a local walking/hiking park and we were out the door.

Contrary to his expression in this picture, he was excited. "We're going to the pork, woot woot." (Not a typo, park is pronounced pork right now.) I think it's hilarious that he actually uses the term, woot woot.
Now, Bonnie did warn us that this park isn't really stroller friendly and she wasn't kidding. She's going to laugh if she ever stumbles across this blog.

Our jogging stroller didn't want to stay in the car and the kids get heavy, so we gave it a shot.
There were a few spots where Otto had to walk and Meri was carried, but we made it! Definitely a workout for Chris and Otto told us, "Gonna be stinky, go home a take a nap." He was quite dirty and fell asleep quickly at bedtime so it was definitely worth it.

"I chasing Daddy!"
The views were spectacular!
Meredith is turning into quite the little thrill seeker. She wanted in the lake so badly and was practically throwing her hands up and shouting "Wheee" down the hills and over the big bumps; lots of laughter and giggles.
She was wearing jeggings for the first time--such cuteness!
Otto got a little carried away with skipping rocks and tossed in his sandal too. Luckily, Daddy was able to rescue it without taking a swim. 

We saw a rabbit, two ducks, and a grasshopper. Otto came home with a mildly scraped knee, but we were able to talk him out of going to see Dr. Elliot with antibiotic cream and an Aggie bandaid:)
Guess who also slept well last night? It was not difficult to fall asleep last night. 
On the way home we stopped at 'Sone-nic' for apple juice and cheeseburgers, we wouldn't want all that exercise to count for anything, would we? 

I just had the share the latest Pinterest trick that is revolutionizing our lives. Otto is demonstrating how to hold a juice box by it's 'ears'. No more accidental squeezes from little hands! And he thinks it's so funny, win!

(Sarah, we saw no less than five photographers while exploring. We'll have to show it to you, and your camera, sometime;))

Friday, April 26, 2013

Day Out with Thomas!

It's no secret that Otto is a huge fan of Thomas the Train. So when his buddy Will suggested they go see the 'real' Thomas, Otto was on board in a heartbeat.

Sadly, my fully charged camera battery died after the first picture, so we had to resort to cells phone, but our little people had a wonderful time. Otto could. not. believe. we were actually meeting Sir Topham Hat, and Thomas, and Bertie (the generic shuttle from the parking lot). He was so impressed.
On the train ride we kept trying to point out things around him, but he was to awe struck to listen. "Just be quiet Daddy, just be quiet Mommy."
And he just sat there and adsorbed until we passed though a grove of trees. "Jobi logs, LOGS!" If you don't understand, Otto will gladly watch his favorite Thomas movie with you and fill you in.
My sweet friend, Sarah, took a picture of us all in front of the train. Otto was blown away, and demanded "Thomas! Talk to me! Talk to me!". I think we went a the perfect age, everything was real to him and he was so impressed. And Meri is waving, her latest skill:)
Afterward we stopped Cici's for Meri's first real visit to a pizza buffet. She did it justice, and Otto didn't do so bad himself;) Italian is high on their favorite food list. 
Excellent day for sure. Almost makes me willing to go to Yo Gabba Gabba Live just to see their reactions. Almost. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

So Much For Getting Back in the Game.

The blogging game that is...all my good intentions went down the crapper this week. But I'm catching up now...Not even allowing myself to do the dishes first. Sacrifice people, that's what life is all about.

While this week hasn't been productive in the blogging department, the munchkins and I have had fun. Yesterday we had a little lunch date to Chickfila. Otto wore his 'Father Bear' shirt. (Little Bear has become a new favorite, but he insists that it's all about Father Bear.)
Meri put away some chicken nuggets, she is really doing a great job eating anything you put in front of her.
We were sitting directly adjacent to the play area, and I let Otto go in by himself while we girls finished our meal. Meredith was practically begging to go too, so I let her crawl around like a big kid. Made her day.
During nap/Father Bear time, I've been working on organizing the master closet. These skirt hangers? Life changing.
Otto in really into anything doctor/injury related, thus the address label 'bandaids'. Meri was THRILLED that he included her in his game. "I'm Dr. Elliot, be still, check your ears."
I got a new foot for my sewing machine that gathers. AMAZING PEOPLE, AMAZING. See the ruffles? Makes me straight up happy.
My in-laws where here this past weekend, and Lisa totally helped me knock out some projects. The shelf that has been sitting on the counter forever now has a home! Anybody want to tell me how to decorate it?
Okay, now to get some posts lined up in the queue. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Blogging really hasn't happened this month. My fault totally, I need to be better about regular updates. This is my kids baby book and how we document our family's memories. Lately, I just haven't had the motivation:( At the beginning of this month my paternal grandfather passed away, and that didn't help at all. Not something you want to blog about, you know? 

My Gaw-Gaw was a super sweet, very kind and quite man. In my opinion, he did it right. He lived a long and full life, had two sweet kids, a wife of 65 years, got to influence the lives of his nine grandchildren and meet two of his great-grandkids. He was patient and loved to garden; my favorite memories of visiting my father's parents are of my Gaw-Gaw's garden. In the last few years, his memory and physical health had started to fail him, and while he didn't really recognize the people around him anymore, he was happy and content. I think he knew that his life had been full and good, and that he didn't need to worry about where he was going. He passed away in his sleep, and while I am sad for my Dad, Aunt, and Nana, I'm happy for my Gaw-Gaw. He is whole now, with his body and memories restored. 
Otto and Gaw-Gaw in 2010
I am so glad that I have precious pictures, like the one above, of my littles with a man who loved them very much. Not everyone gets to meet their great-grandparents, and I am so glad that my children got to know my grandfather. Now, to get them to realize that genetically they have the ability to be gentle, orderly, and kind:)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thanks Michael!

We got a fun package in the mail from Uncle Mike this week! Otto was pumped to try his mustaches!  
He chose 'The Smartie' to try first, all by himself.
And then he had to try 'The Bandit'. 
Meredith is a tad crazy cakes these days, and getting a non blurry picture is difficult. This girl is on the move all. the. time. Because Uncle Michael also sent Meri a fun gift, I asked Otto to help hold her still so I could possible get a picture of her sporting her new pacifier. No go, he went straight for the neck.
 I tried getting him to 'hug' her, but that also was a fail.
 We finally pinned her down on the trampoline:)
 Hilarious pacifier, no?
Thanks Uncle Mike, they love them!

(And please don't think my children run around like this all the time, with one dressed and the other in his skivvies....normally Meri is sans clothes too:))

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meredith is Eleven Months Old!

Our little girl keeps getting older! Strange how that happens, isn't?

She is such a happy kid, always with a bright smile and a laugh.

In the last month she has really started expressing her personality and amped up the cute factor by about a million. She really wants to be big. Imitating Otto when she is able and chasing him from room to room, squawking loudly when he goes to fast for her to catch. She shields her eyes from bright sunlight and burrows into your shoulder when cold from getting out of the bath. I swear she tries to talk. I would have bet money the other day she said 'hair bow' clear as day. (Swearing and betting, the things your children make you do;)) A couple of times in the car she and Otto started singing together, which is beyond adorable.
Her favorite foods are green. When served mixed veggies she will pick out the green beans and eat them first. Avocado is also a big favorite.

And water. Oh water, Meredith LOVES it. She now has to have her own cup (not a sippy, those still aren't high on the list) at dinner, just like everyone else.
She has two new teeth, bring the total up to six. Sadly, this month also brought her first ear infection, of the double variety. With that came antibiotics, drops, and pain medicine. Giving this girl oral meds is worst than herding cats, bathing cats, or anything else that involves cats--we aren't cat people, so you know it's bad. It takes two people, and there are no tears (on her part), only rage. Chris and I are both praying that she never requires an extended dose of oral meds again.
She loves to 'walk' with support. Pulling up is old news, and she is now letting go for a few seconds at a time. After lunch a few days ago she stood up in her high chair because I didn't get her out quickly enough. :-/

She waves now which is crazy cute. The first person she waved at was Chris, very fitting because she absolutely adores him and is generally waiting for him when he gets home from work.

Happy eleven months Meri!
( I found her romper while thrifting before she was born. When I brought her outside to take pictures Chris wanted to know, "Why are you dressing her in a flour sack?? That is what this is, right?" Ha! I love babies in flour sacks! :))

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pictures Will Have to Wait

Oh man you guys. The last few days have been not so much fun.

Meredith wasn't making any improvements physically on Monday, and because her fever kept coming back when the ibuprofen would wear off, we took her in hoping to be sent home to wait out a virus, but knowing I would feel like scum if it was something treatable.

Well, I felt like scum. Double ear infection and a sinus infection.

AND the poor girl has gotten two teeth in the last four days (n,q), so she is hard-core teething as well. She is such a trooper. We have been keeping her on pain/fever relievers and started her on an antibiotic. The pediatrician was kind and put her on a once daily dose, instead of something she would need to take three times a day. He seemed to understand from the exam that this girl, while the happiest of babies, is NOT a fan of taking medications. It's like bathing a cat people, kicking, spitting, arch of the back, she can do it all.

While the drama of medicating Meri is going on, Otto is dancing around in the back ground begging to take it for her. "Please! I take blue medicine. Otto has an owie right there, I NEED medicine too!" He even convinced the doctor that he should get a prize for good behavior during Meredith's visit. These two have dramatically different opinions of doctors/medications for sure.

But the antibiotic the pediatrician prescribed? Binds to iron and turns bowel movements bright red. Meredith is a formula fed baby, which is iron fortified. See where this is going? That late night diaper change sent me running to Dr. Google really fast.

She is two doses in, so hopefully we see some major improvements soon. We all just feel horrible for her.

Also, on the way to the pediatricians, we stopped at Central Market to find some essential oils to diffuse with the humidifier to help with night time congestion. I was rushed and a little frazzled, and didn't realize it wasn't on the conveyer belt when we checked out. Well, I found it when we got to the doctor's office. In my purse. My little helper *cough, Otto, cough* had turned me into a shoplifter. We had to go back the next day (No hardship for sure, but it did wreck the grocery budget. So many yummy things!) and confess. Thankfully, they were very understanding and Otto hopefully learned a big lesson.

Thank you for letting me vent. Needless to say, her eleven month pictures haven't happened yet. So that post will just have to wait a bit.