Friday, March 29, 2013


The babies have the plague. Again.

We went to bed at 2:00am last night because we foolishly thought our weekend was starting early. (Chris has today off for Good Friday)  Ha. That'll teach us. I was up three times between two and six am, poor kids aren't feeling so hot. Well, actually they are, fevers and stuffiness all around:(

Meri and I were at the store bright and early for more infant ibuprofen, and even though she is miserable, she still tried to smile at everyone we passed. She really is the sweetest of babies.

Otto is a mess. He is doing so well with actually blowing his nose, which is great, but he isn't above asking for a bribe. "Mommy, if blow my nose, take a picture?" and "Blow my nose, earn a potty treat?". Speaking of the potty, he is rocking it! In the last two weeks he has made the decision to be a big kid and has even slept a few nights in underwear! Yay Otto!

And while today isn't showing much promise, we had a really fun week. (Spreading germs all around I'm sure. Sorry Sarah and Laura!)

On Monday we met Belton and Laura at Grapevine Mills to hunt for bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding (!!!). Laura was so sweet, and incredibly helpful, to supervise my kids while I tried things on, and although we didn't find everything we were looking for, we did have a great time. For lunch we stopped at the Rain Forest Cafe. It was a first for all of us, what an intense place to eat!
Meri wasn't that impressed, but Otto was amazed:)

Wednesday we got to hang out with Will and Sloane and dyed Easter eggs.
Yes, Otto stripped down but somehow still managed to come home covered in dye. He even drank some. I think we'll skip the science projects for a few years. What is this bubbling blue liquid? Let's taste it and find out. :-/
Very fun day, and I'm so glad Sarah was brave enough to attempt it with two year olds, they loved it! Otto was waiting at the door when Chris got home to show off his eggs, and they have a place of honor on the counter.

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