Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ten months

My baby isn't a baby. Meredith is far closer to one than she should be--these past ten months have happened way too fast. She's such a little girl now it's hard not to miss having a little tiny baby who likes to cuddle and sleep. We (the munchkins and I) are getting to keep Stephen (!!!) this week during his Mom's first few days back at work...pretty sure this isn't going to help my baby fever.
This girl is into everything. Crawling all over the place, pulling up, following you around like a puppy, she is a busy girl. If you sit down she immediately crawls to you, generally holding something in her mouth, wanting to play. I am loving this, Otto is very independent, and since he was little I've had to coax him into 'playing', he was too busy exploring and doing things on. his. own to entertain Mom. Meri however, crawls right into your lap and looks up at you like, "What you want to do Mommy? Chill? Paint our toes nails? Hug?" Like I said, LOVING it.
Most of the time, after pulling up, she gets stuck in the standing position. She is able to sit down on her own, but forgets. Otto is great about helping her sit, "I save her! I save Meri!". I absolutely love that they are truly best friends. Watching that relationship develop is the sweetest.

With her new found mobility, she has found the space heater we keep in her room for cold nights, and is SO proud of herself when she turns it on and off. I've also lost her (mother of the year right here) a few times to find her playing happily in Otto's room. When playing she with toys she uses them for their specific function, which is fun to me because at this age Otto was too busy to be bothered with a toys intended purpose and would turn them into projectiles.

She is a wild woman in the bath, lunging, diving, and putting her face under to drink the water. She makes Otto nervous, and he is constantly telling her "No splashing me!", not that he's an calm bather himself.
She can say "Mama" and shakes her head no. "Mama" seems to be more of a universal term for want, but she does say it while searching the room for me, so it totally counts.

She does have a few little quirks. Spitting has turned into a hobby and she will sit in on place a make a puddle on the floor or the fire place bricks. I've nearly wiped out a few times walking through the kitchen because I didn't realize she  had set up booby traps.
Eating is still a struggle, while she does fairly will with table foods and will try anything you give her, baby foods are out and she is slowly decreasing the amount of formula she will take. (At least 20 ounces is my daily goal.) I bought her a sippy cup but it doesn't really impress her.
Blows me away that in just two short months we will  have a one year old! Love you so very much Meredith!

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