Sunday, March 10, 2013

Otto Man

We got back from East Texas on Friday night, post coming about the fun we had there soon!

Otto had a little runny nose when we left, but considering all our little allergy prone kid had been exposed to, I didn't think much of it. Well, last night his sniffles progressed into severe breathing constriction. We tried his penguin inhaler per package instructions, every four hours, but weren't noticing much difference in the wheezing and rapid breathing. He slept with us and I almost took him to the ER during the night. Poor guy was really struggling. First thing this morning we went to the weekend clinic at the pediatricians. Aunt Hannah was in town for a friends bridal shower and came with us. 

Otto, sounding like a century long smoker and barely able to catch his breath, fairly shouted, "I'm so excited!" when we walked in the door. Crazy kid loves the doctor's office. 

 They are calling it RAD again, he just had a more dramatic attack. The albuterol treatments we were doing just weren't enough, and so they gave him an oral dose of predisone and two back to back albuterol treatments.
They gave him a new breathing apparatus, and he was thrilled to 'shoot' things.
He also loved that they put us in the "Nemo and Marlin!" room:)
He walked out after being carried in, and was feeling so much better. But let me just say, Otto on steroids, is well, Otto on steroids. Wowza, the boy was busy today.

He sounds so much better, only a slight gurgle, and isn't struggling to inhale. We have a couple of prescriptions and a list of instructions for what to do if he starts struggling again, if we can't handle it on our own Otto earns an express trip to Children's ER. Tomorrow I'm calling for a referral to an allergist and/or a pulmonologist so we can figure out what is triggering these episodes and hopefully get past them.

He's a little warm right now, but did nap for a bit and ate some oatmeal for dinner. I think this was all triggered by the onset of a cold and his body overreacted. Pray our big kid has a good night and can rebound quickly? Thank you, thank you.

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