Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meredith Gets a Haircut!

I can hear Sarah rejoicing all the way from Bryan;)

Poor girl was starting to really look a little mulletish, and one side was significantly longer than the other, it was definitely time for a trim. It was long enough to pull back into a single pony tail, and while when we left the house I did put it up into pig tails, most of the time she was sporting the sheep dog look:-/
Ignore the cauliflower on the floor please, Meredith really needs to work on her sweeping skills.
I was the hold up for sure, but finally bit the bullet today and made myself take her to the salon.
She did great, only stopping the stylist so she could smile at her.
We used my phone to distract her long enough for a few straight cuts, so no video.

Here are the before's: Definitely longer on one side than the other!
And the after's: Two inches off the back!
My ten month old has a stacked bob! Crazy nuts! I'm sure I was three before I had that much hair. 

Otto got a haircut also, there is no way we would be able to take that boy into a hair salon without letting him earn a lollipop too. Haircuts are this boy's jam.
And now, I will post pictures of my favorite nephew. Promise.


  1. Oh my! They are starting to look like little kids! : D