Friday, March 1, 2013

Lunch with Chris

We needed an outing yesterday and so we picked up some lunch and went to see Chris! We ate our Chickfila at the Water Gardens, which are just a few blocks from Chris' office. While waiting to pick Chris up Otto informed me that Daddy works up high fixing all the trucks. Not sure if he quite understands what Chris does, but he is right about his office being several floors off the ground.

These two were just a tad excited to see Daddy!
Otto and Chris walked down into the falls, just like they did a year and a half ago. Surprisingly, this time Otto was quite a bit more timid. With age comes wisdom, right? Hopefully!
Tonight we tried THIS broccoli. Chris and Otto both loved it, and Chris even got seconds. Chris does do well eating vegetables, if I put it on his plate he will eat it, but this version was such a winner that he dubbed it, "Broccoli for Men". I will be making it again for sure! (I crushed two cloves of garlic and then mixed everything in a large ziploc.)

And then this picture of Meri. Holy cow, she looks so big. (Ten months today! Post hopefully coming tomorrow.)
Chilling in a lounge chair, wearing shorts for the first time, little knees red from crawling everywhere, this girl is just too cute.

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