Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lunch and a Zoo Date

On Monday we went downtown and met Laura and Belton for lunch with the Daddies. Otto was so excited to see Belton and especially Mrs. Laura, "Mommy, Otto see Mrs. Laura. Such a special treat!". 

Look at this cute family, totally matching and adorable!
We had a yummy lunch at Mi Cocina, and then Laura and I decided on a spontaneous trip to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, and the littles were thrilled to go, Otto in particular. 

We walked the entire zoo and saw everything but the flamingos, who were having maintenance done on their exhibit. 
Baby chimps!
The lion even roared for us!
Meredith loves a day at the zoo!
Really loves:)
She was a total doll and was very content to ride while Otto ran in circles around us. Eventually she passed out for a little cat nap.
Otto thinks Belton is the sweetest, and he really is, such a trooper.
And he got to ride in his stroller like a big kid for the first time. I think he enjoyed sitting up and getting to look around.

Otto made friends at every exhibit and kept Laura and I on our toes trying to keep up with his pace. I'm sure Laura is really looking forward to Belton reaching the toddler years after chasing mine around all day;) He is a busy dude, but thanks to her help, he slept excellently that night! Thanks Laura!

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