Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little Baby Stephen

Otto and Meri LOVE, of the big puffy heart variety, visiting our family in East Texas. If you ask Otto what he would like to do on any given day, his stock reply is, "Go home to Texas tomorrow. Do tricks Uncle Michael, dirt pile, bike, MINKY! Play with Addison?" Needless to say, they were pretty pumped to spend the week at my parents. 
(Abbey is doing really well! Managing her blood sugar like a champ and had advanced to adjusting her eating schedule/insulin levels as she needs, not by the clock.)
We were in town to help watch this little guy during his mom's first week back at work. Isn't he so much bigger already?! 

This picture is blurry and terrible, and a certain person I know is cringing right now (hi Sarah!), but I don't care, he's smiling!
Definitely related to me, such a cutie!

And then this happened. Abbey and I, while make-up less and looking a tad deranged, were pretty darn proud of ourselves. 
There were several visits to the great-grandparents, Otto in particular was admit about accompanying my mom to the nursing home and assisted living everyday. The fact that my grandmother was liberal with the treats probably didn't hurt. 

Otto and Addy were serious about their trampoline time...these two are such great playmates.
Michael thinks he may have found a tiny prodigy in Addison, the girl has no fear. Pretty sure Michael is plotting about how to teach her to do flips.
Otto and his hoodies. If the jacket doesn't have a hood it's not going on him, and he marches around hood up with his hands jammed in his pockets.
Makes me laugh that is these pictures, one or the other has their tongue out. Concentrating like a Weldy, jumping is serious business.
And Miss Meredith got to 'jump' for the first time! She LOVED it...and so did her hair. Little dandelion baby.
Stephen was sad when we had to leave, so were we he is a keeper!

Thanks for trusting us with your peanut Angela, we had a great time!


  1. I love that y'all got to keep him! I appreciate it so much!! I will be up soon to return the favor!! :)

  2. The week went too quickly..... we so enjoyed having the babies here.

    * Angela, what are you saying, you are willing to keep(feed) Michael & Abbey for a week? :D