Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Our sweet kids are still under the weather, so we stayed home and took today at a really slow pace. I did, however, bribe them into putting on their Easter outfits with the promise of goody baskets. I love the comparison of where we were in years past and needed pictures for this year. Last year I was a whale and we were home visiting family, while the year before Otto was still a baby. (And Chris was wearing the same shirt--ha!)

Meri, sweet girl that she is, was totally down for taking pictures even though she has been running a fever for the last two days. AND she had a new tooth break through yesterday night! She is such a trooper.
Otto was a MESS. He was super excited to get to wear his bow tie, picked out from the dollar spot at Target, he's just been waiting for a special occasion to rock it. While I had to blatantly bribe him to look at the camera, he voluntarily wore his tie all day.
He quickly caught on to the fact that I was rewarding happy faces for the camera and broke out the silliness.
See what I mean? This boy has zero personality, zero.
Chris and I are giving books for the holidays this year, Otto scored a set of Thomas the Train stories, and Meredith got Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. (I am so excited about these! More for me than her at this point;))

My Mom sent the babies actual baskets and they loved them! Uncle Michael, come visit soon so Otto doesn't eat it all himself?
Thumbs up for yummy treats!

We hope you all had a blessed and happy day! Happy Easter!

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