Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Stephen Meets Uncle Chris

Chris' little (and I do mean little, she is a peanut) sister came to visit this weekend!
Chris finally got a chance to meet his favorite nephew, Stephen! Stephen was rocking a polo to match Uncle Chris:)
Angela also brought our niece, and their younger brother Daniel's little girl with her for the weekend. Otto was thrilled to see Addison! I love that they are such great playmates.  They both have had a great time, and we only 'lost' them once. (They had hidden themselves IN the dryer:-/)
Stephen is getting big so quickly, he is nine weeks now and holding his head (and sometimes his feet!) up so well. I wanted a shot of his latest trick...he was a little concerned!
 But, being the trooper his is, he let me:)
We like your baby Ang, bring him to see us anytime!

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