Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Our sweet kids are still under the weather, so we stayed home and took today at a really slow pace. I did, however, bribe them into putting on their Easter outfits with the promise of goody baskets. I love the comparison of where we were in years past and needed pictures for this year. Last year I was a whale and we were home visiting family, while the year before Otto was still a baby. (And Chris was wearing the same shirt--ha!)

Meri, sweet girl that she is, was totally down for taking pictures even though she has been running a fever for the last two days. AND she had a new tooth break through yesterday night! She is such a trooper.
Otto was a MESS. He was super excited to get to wear his bow tie, picked out from the dollar spot at Target, he's just been waiting for a special occasion to rock it. While I had to blatantly bribe him to look at the camera, he voluntarily wore his tie all day.
He quickly caught on to the fact that I was rewarding happy faces for the camera and broke out the silliness.
See what I mean? This boy has zero personality, zero.
Chris and I are giving books for the holidays this year, Otto scored a set of Thomas the Train stories, and Meredith got Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. (I am so excited about these! More for me than her at this point;))

My Mom sent the babies actual baskets and they loved them! Uncle Michael, come visit soon so Otto doesn't eat it all himself?
Thumbs up for yummy treats!

We hope you all had a blessed and happy day! Happy Easter!

Friday, March 29, 2013


The babies have the plague. Again.

We went to bed at 2:00am last night because we foolishly thought our weekend was starting early. (Chris has today off for Good Friday)  Ha. That'll teach us. I was up three times between two and six am, poor kids aren't feeling so hot. Well, actually they are, fevers and stuffiness all around:(

Meri and I were at the store bright and early for more infant ibuprofen, and even though she is miserable, she still tried to smile at everyone we passed. She really is the sweetest of babies.

Otto is a mess. He is doing so well with actually blowing his nose, which is great, but he isn't above asking for a bribe. "Mommy, if blow my nose, take a picture?" and "Blow my nose, earn a potty treat?". Speaking of the potty, he is rocking it! In the last two weeks he has made the decision to be a big kid and has even slept a few nights in underwear! Yay Otto!

And while today isn't showing much promise, we had a really fun week. (Spreading germs all around I'm sure. Sorry Sarah and Laura!)

On Monday we met Belton and Laura at Grapevine Mills to hunt for bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding (!!!). Laura was so sweet, and incredibly helpful, to supervise my kids while I tried things on, and although we didn't find everything we were looking for, we did have a great time. For lunch we stopped at the Rain Forest Cafe. It was a first for all of us, what an intense place to eat!
Meri wasn't that impressed, but Otto was amazed:)

Wednesday we got to hang out with Will and Sloane and dyed Easter eggs.
Yes, Otto stripped down but somehow still managed to come home covered in dye. He even drank some. I think we'll skip the science projects for a few years. What is this bubbling blue liquid? Let's taste it and find out. :-/
Very fun day, and I'm so glad Sarah was brave enough to attempt it with two year olds, they loved it! Otto was waiting at the door when Chris got home to show off his eggs, and they have a place of honor on the counter.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Stephen Meets Uncle Chris

Chris' little (and I do mean little, she is a peanut) sister came to visit this weekend!
Chris finally got a chance to meet his favorite nephew, Stephen! Stephen was rocking a polo to match Uncle Chris:)
Angela also brought our niece, and their younger brother Daniel's little girl with her for the weekend. Otto was thrilled to see Addison! I love that they are such great playmates.  They both have had a great time, and we only 'lost' them once. (They had hidden themselves IN the dryer:-/)
Stephen is getting big so quickly, he is nine weeks now and holding his head (and sometimes his feet!) up so well. I wanted a shot of his latest trick...he was a little concerned!
 But, being the trooper his is, he let me:)
We like your baby Ang, bring him to see us anytime!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Otto at the Dentist

Otto had his first real cleaning at the dentist on Tuesday. He did great! 
His first visit was a 'happy visit', and I was so impressed at how well he did, allowing the hygienist and dentist to do their jobs with no complaint! Yay Otto! 

They took x-rays...
...and then cleaned. 
Miss Meri watched from the umbrella stroller, another year and it will be her turn! 
He did such a great job, and the staff was very impressed with our several months from three year old and his big boy skills. I'd like to say it's because once upon a time I was a hygienist and therefore my children will always brush, floss, and have impeccable manners during checkups, but no, that's totally not the case. Brushing teeth is generally a HUGE struggle at our house, so the fact that he thought this was twenty-seven shades of cool and did so well was a tad of a surprise. But don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful, but dang dude let's repeat this at home too, okay? 

Thumbs up for no cavities!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lunch and a Zoo Date

On Monday we went downtown and met Laura and Belton for lunch with the Daddies. Otto was so excited to see Belton and especially Mrs. Laura, "Mommy, Otto see Mrs. Laura. Such a special treat!". 

Look at this cute family, totally matching and adorable!
We had a yummy lunch at Mi Cocina, and then Laura and I decided on a spontaneous trip to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, and the littles were thrilled to go, Otto in particular. 

We walked the entire zoo and saw everything but the flamingos, who were having maintenance done on their exhibit. 
Baby chimps!
The lion even roared for us!
Meredith loves a day at the zoo!
Really loves:)
She was a total doll and was very content to ride while Otto ran in circles around us. Eventually she passed out for a little cat nap.
Otto thinks Belton is the sweetest, and he really is, such a trooper.
And he got to ride in his stroller like a big kid for the first time. I think he enjoyed sitting up and getting to look around.

Otto made friends at every exhibit and kept Laura and I on our toes trying to keep up with his pace. I'm sure Laura is really looking forward to Belton reaching the toddler years after chasing mine around all day;) He is a busy dude, but thanks to her help, he slept excellently that night! Thanks Laura!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Facial Anyone?

Black beans, avocado, and chicken never looked so good:)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little Baby Stephen

Otto and Meri LOVE, of the big puffy heart variety, visiting our family in East Texas. If you ask Otto what he would like to do on any given day, his stock reply is, "Go home to Texas tomorrow. Do tricks Uncle Michael, dirt pile, bike, MINKY! Play with Addison?" Needless to say, they were pretty pumped to spend the week at my parents. 
(Abbey is doing really well! Managing her blood sugar like a champ and had advanced to adjusting her eating schedule/insulin levels as she needs, not by the clock.)
We were in town to help watch this little guy during his mom's first week back at work. Isn't he so much bigger already?! 

This picture is blurry and terrible, and a certain person I know is cringing right now (hi Sarah!), but I don't care, he's smiling!
Definitely related to me, such a cutie!

And then this happened. Abbey and I, while make-up less and looking a tad deranged, were pretty darn proud of ourselves. 
There were several visits to the great-grandparents, Otto in particular was admit about accompanying my mom to the nursing home and assisted living everyday. The fact that my grandmother was liberal with the treats probably didn't hurt. 

Otto and Addy were serious about their trampoline time...these two are such great playmates.
Michael thinks he may have found a tiny prodigy in Addison, the girl has no fear. Pretty sure Michael is plotting about how to teach her to do flips.
Otto and his hoodies. If the jacket doesn't have a hood it's not going on him, and he marches around hood up with his hands jammed in his pockets.
Makes me laugh that is these pictures, one or the other has their tongue out. Concentrating like a Weldy, jumping is serious business.
And Miss Meredith got to 'jump' for the first time! She LOVED it...and so did her hair. Little dandelion baby.
Stephen was sad when we had to leave, so were we he is a keeper!

Thanks for trusting us with your peanut Angela, we had a great time!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meredith Gets a Haircut!

I can hear Sarah rejoicing all the way from Bryan;)

Poor girl was starting to really look a little mulletish, and one side was significantly longer than the other, it was definitely time for a trim. It was long enough to pull back into a single pony tail, and while when we left the house I did put it up into pig tails, most of the time she was sporting the sheep dog look:-/
Ignore the cauliflower on the floor please, Meredith really needs to work on her sweeping skills.
I was the hold up for sure, but finally bit the bullet today and made myself take her to the salon.
She did great, only stopping the stylist so she could smile at her.
We used my phone to distract her long enough for a few straight cuts, so no video.

Here are the before's: Definitely longer on one side than the other!
And the after's: Two inches off the back!
My ten month old has a stacked bob! Crazy nuts! I'm sure I was three before I had that much hair. 

Otto got a haircut also, there is no way we would be able to take that boy into a hair salon without letting him earn a lollipop too. Haircuts are this boy's jam.
And now, I will post pictures of my favorite nephew. Promise.