Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Live Over a Den of Snakes

That crazy little snake is back for more!

When Chris got home tonight it was waiting on the sidewalk for him. And even though it apparently has a death wish, it's also fast and slithered right under the walk before Chris could smash it with a brick.


We can not have a snake living that close to our little people's path to the car, poisonous or not. Otto is the kind of kid who wouldn't blink twice about catching a slithering creature of doom, and he definitely can't determine venomous or non at this point. We (the babies and I) are hitting the road to east Texas tomorrow, so Chris will have rest of the week to take care of this yucky problem.

And on a more upbeat note, Meredith figured out that she can crawl from room to room today. She napped twice, but only for a total of about an hour, little miss thing had places to go and rooms to explore! She was out of breath most of the day from trying so hard.

And Otto called me over to the coffee table where he had set up a reenactment of his favorite part of 'Misty Island Rescue', where Thomas saves Diesel from falling off the broken bridge. He has the movie memorized, but is still on the edge of his seat during that part:)
Now to try for a peaceful nights sleep not dreaming about things like THIS

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