Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Ten

Taking a page from Becca at The Paro Post, and bullet pointing it up today. Prepare yourself for random.

1. We went to the zoo yesterday with the Connelly girls. Perfect weather, empty zoo, and content babies made for a fantastic morning.
Charlotte and Maggie!
Otto was pretty excited about going and kept up a steady stream of animal related chatter before leaving the house. It took me a minute to realize that the elephant he was talking about while I loaded Meri in the car was really an elephant. (left behind from Chris parking on the drive.)
2. As of Sunday afternoon, Meri has a new tooth! Now she has two on top and two on bottom. Before the zoo yesterday we stopped at the pediatrician's for her nine month check-up. No shots, but she did have an iron check. She weighs 18.1 pounds (50%) and is 28 inches (78%) tall. Dr. Elliot was very impressed with her fine motor skills and even made a note that she was 'advanced'. That's my girl. (Just to keep it real, here's Otto's FOUR month check-up report.)
3. I gave Otto leftover Superbowl bean dip as an afternoon snack. He proceeded to pick out the chopped jalapeƱos and fed them to Meredith, who was playing on the floor near him. I realized she was chewing on something and quickly emptied her mouth. She was sweating and mad that I took them from her, but fine. I guess she's taking after Otto with her capacity to tolerate spicy food.

4. Speaking of bean dip, here's the recipe: (fattening, DELICIOUS, and responsible for my college freshman fifteen.)
Enchilada Bean Dip
one chopped jalapeƱo, seeded if you're a wuss
a block of cream cheese
one can of refried beans
small tub of sour cream
one packet of enchilada seasoning
shredded cheddar cheese
Combine first five ingredients, mix until smooth. Transfer to small baking dish and top with shredded cheese. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes, until hot and bubbly. Serve warm with chips. Try not to eat the whole thing. (And I've tried this with taco seasoning, it's not the same, don't do it.)

5. Meredith has really turned into a little interactive person in the last few weeks. She likes to play games, which are super cute. Her favorites are trying to catch your tongue, and bumping foreheads and then giggling. 

6. Did you know that lighter roast coffee's have more caffeine? Me either. And here I've been choking down the dark, bitter stuff because I thought it packed more punch. 

7. Speaking of energy I don't have, I've started taking a gummy B Complex every day. It totally makes a difference, apparently I'm completely deficient in B vitamins. If I forget to take them I drag all. day. long. These are a Walmart special and taste the best, think fruit snack. 4.98 I believe. WORTH IT. (I take two.)
Don't laugh, I was steaming the snot out of my children. Whatever works people, whatever works.
8. Did you know that I have a new nephew? No? That would be because I'm a total dolt and forgot to post about him. Never fear! We are headed to East Texas and I am bringing the camera. Prepare yourself for amateur picture overload of a ridiculously cute baby.

9. Otto is still really, really into Thomas the Train. We watch Thomas movies, we hear Thomas in the distance and freak out, we play Thomas on the back porch, we check out Thomas videos from the library, he wears Thomas underwear. Thomas is everywhere. It's gotten to the point where even I am on board (ha!). I've been on the hunt for a new dresser for Otto, and saw a Thomas bed on come up for sale on Craigslist. I was *this close* to calling on it, but talked myself out of it because, hello, a character bed?! NO! I need more sleep.

10. I was almost killed last night. That's right, KILLED. Otto and I have this thing about trying to surprise Chris when he get home at night. We heard the garage door and rushed out the front door to creep up on Chris from behind. The front flood lights were off, and it was already dark outside, so when I stepped on something round and squishy I was skeeved out and quickly abandoned scaring Chris and ran out into the street holding Otto. Chris went into the house and turned on the lights. What do you think started slithering away as soon as the light hit it? A SNAKE! About 15 inches of killing machine. Yuck! It didn't bite me, but I can still feel it's yucky little body on the bottom of my bare foot. Chris practically destroyed the rock bed adjacent to the sidewalk trying to find and kill the disgusting little thing, but no luck. The darn thing lived to kill another day. Where is the magical fairy dust that will kill all legless reptiles in our yard?!

That is all. Have a great night!

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  1. Ah that gave me chills and flashbacks to childhood when my brothers would go and hunt a snake and kill it just to hide it in our bedrooms or chase us with them! Gross