Friday, February 1, 2013

She Crawls!

Meredith decided to teach me a lesson about writing her month day post a day early:)

Look at this girl go! Wobbly, but definitely crawling!
And completely in character for her to go for the hair bow over the bottle. Eating isn't number one on her list for sure!

And a few more pictures I found on my phone.

Crazy cakes Meredith taking a much needed bath after a diaper surprise. I wasn't expecting to wash her hair, which was thankfully spared during the explosion, but she managed to soak it herself.
 Stuck under Aunt Hannah's couch:) (And looking just like my Mom.)

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  1. Lydia! Ask Chris about the crazies who honked hullabaloo canek canek at him today around 5:45 downtown! We were driving and my husband saw Chris wearing an Aggie shirt and it wasn't until he honked that I realized I recognized him! Of course, he has no idea who we are... :)