Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Week

We had a great week, lots of fun goings on happened. 

On Monday, Addison turned three! Happy birthday sweet girl!

On Tuesday, we went mall walking (and cookie eating!) with baby Belton and his mom. 
Meri thought the tunnels at the indoor playground were amazing. 
So amazing she quickly wore herself out. She looks like such a little girl here...makes me sad!
On Wednesday and Thursday, due to the chilly weather, we hung out at home where Meredith practiced her crazy good standing skills. 
We did go to lunch at Chickfila, just so Otto could represent in his Aggie sweater from Aunt Hannah. He hasn't had much opportunity to wear it because the weather has been so mild. 
Meredith really is loving little spaces and forts. She and Otto were wrestling playing inside their Thomas tent and she crawled out with her hair standing on end from the static electricity.
On Friday, we went to one of Otto's favorite places, the post office. Let him know when you get your package Aunt Sarah!
And today my Uncle Joe and Steve came by for a visit! They live in Tulsa so it was a treat to get to see them and their puppy Satyr.
My uncle enjoys fun, whole-in-the-wall restaurants like I do, and so we tried a German place that gets good reviews on Yelp. Chris and Steve were great sports about it;) It was pretty good! I had rouladen made by someone else! We also tried spaetzle and potato pancakes, and hot potato salad. If it weren't for the prevalence of sausage and bratwurst, I think German food would make my top three, good stuff.
And then dessert, so yummy!
Wonderful week for sure!

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