Monday, February 25, 2013

Even Cuter When They Sleep

Our kids are pretty amazing, but when they are asleep it's easier to see that they are still babies, complete with chubby lips and the need for a lovey.

Our big boy, taking a rare nap, sans clothing. He's allergic to so much, who knows that caused the hives on his face--the green mustache is from a smoothie. 

And you will see a few pictures down that underwear only seems to be a theme with Otto these days.

I snuck into Meri's room during her morning nap for a current sleeping shot, but she woke up quickly thanks to my little helper. 
"I take Meri's picture too!"
She, true to form, didn't mind being woken mid nap and was happy to see us. The hair is out of control these days.
And this one is from this afternoon, we had just gotten home from the grocery store and Meredith was quite the helper while unloading:)

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