Wednesday, February 13, 2013

East Texas

While we were in East Texas visiting this little guy...
...we got to hang out with Addison and my family too! This girl is so silly, here she is sporting her pirate face.
Meredith was pretty ecstatic that she is finally able to get around like the big kids.
And Otto humored me long enough for one non blurry shot:)
We also tried (and tried!) for a picture of all four together, but let me tell you, it's crazy difficult! Sarah Giles I am not, and I'm not sure I'd want to be. 

This is probably the best of the bunch. 

Or maybe this one. 
And then this one gets the award for best blooper. Addison's face just cracks me up!

We stayed with my parents, and my Mom was super sweet to watch my kids so I could go cuddle with Stephen. I came back to the house and found Otto making green dinosaur cookies with Aunt Abbey. 
He was so thrilled:) This boy loves working in the kitchen.
He also figured out that he can peel his own oranges (Cuties) while we were there. Made me a little sad that he is so independent, but Chris was very impressed. 

We also got to visit my grandparents. Meredith and my Nana in their Valentines colors!
Always fun to take a four generations picture!
Have a night people, I'm headed to bed!

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  1. I think all these pictures are great! Thank you so much for taking them and being patient to get good shots. This means the world to me ♥