Monday, February 25, 2013

Even Cuter When They Sleep

Our kids are pretty amazing, but when they are asleep it's easier to see that they are still babies, complete with chubby lips and the need for a lovey.

Our big boy, taking a rare nap, sans clothing. He's allergic to so much, who knows that caused the hives on his face--the green mustache is from a smoothie. 

And you will see a few pictures down that underwear only seems to be a theme with Otto these days.

I snuck into Meri's room during her morning nap for a current sleeping shot, but she woke up quickly thanks to my little helper. 
"I take Meri's picture too!"
She, true to form, didn't mind being woken mid nap and was happy to see us. The hair is out of control these days.
And this one is from this afternoon, we had just gotten home from the grocery store and Meredith was quite the helper while unloading:)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Week

We had a great week, lots of fun goings on happened. 

On Monday, Addison turned three! Happy birthday sweet girl!

On Tuesday, we went mall walking (and cookie eating!) with baby Belton and his mom. 
Meri thought the tunnels at the indoor playground were amazing. 
So amazing she quickly wore herself out. She looks like such a little girl here...makes me sad!
On Wednesday and Thursday, due to the chilly weather, we hung out at home where Meredith practiced her crazy good standing skills. 
We did go to lunch at Chickfila, just so Otto could represent in his Aggie sweater from Aunt Hannah. He hasn't had much opportunity to wear it because the weather has been so mild. 
Meredith really is loving little spaces and forts. She and Otto were wrestling playing inside their Thomas tent and she crawled out with her hair standing on end from the static electricity.
On Friday, we went to one of Otto's favorite places, the post office. Let him know when you get your package Aunt Sarah!
And today my Uncle Joe and Steve came by for a visit! They live in Tulsa so it was a treat to get to see them and their puppy Satyr.
My uncle enjoys fun, whole-in-the-wall restaurants like I do, and so we tried a German place that gets good reviews on Yelp. Chris and Steve were great sports about it;) It was pretty good! I had rouladen made by someone else! We also tried spaetzle and potato pancakes, and hot potato salad. If it weren't for the prevalence of sausage and bratwurst, I think German food would make my top three, good stuff.
And then dessert, so yummy!
Wonderful week for sure!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Addison!

I was uploading photos from my phone and came across these gems. Addison is a hot mess, so cheerful and resilient, full of energy, and quite the character. 

Happy 3rd birthday sweet girl! Otto and Meri hope you have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day people!

Otto insisted that we make decorations, and so we did! Our dining room chandelier is covered in pink and white balloons:) This picture is terrible, but you get the idea. 
Just waiting for Daddy!
Chris and his date;)
 My favorite little guy!
Meredith is really into giving kisses right now, and Daddy was just too close to resist!
And because everyone else is posting what they had for dinner, here's ours. Salmon, rice pilaf, and asparagus. Otto thought it was tolerable and Meri throughly enjoyed it. 
And dessert! Really, really good. HERE is the recipe, try it asap. (These went to the neighbors, we ate the others too quickly for a picture.)
My sweetie! We pretty much rock at self portraits.  (In the back ground is the new wall art/pinterest project that nearly killed made our relationship so much stronger.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

East Texas

While we were in East Texas visiting this little guy...
...we got to hang out with Addison and my family too! This girl is so silly, here she is sporting her pirate face.
Meredith was pretty ecstatic that she is finally able to get around like the big kids.
And Otto humored me long enough for one non blurry shot:)
We also tried (and tried!) for a picture of all four together, but let me tell you, it's crazy difficult! Sarah Giles I am not, and I'm not sure I'd want to be. 

This is probably the best of the bunch. 

Or maybe this one. 
And then this one gets the award for best blooper. Addison's face just cracks me up!

We stayed with my parents, and my Mom was super sweet to watch my kids so I could go cuddle with Stephen. I came back to the house and found Otto making green dinosaur cookies with Aunt Abbey. 
He was so thrilled:) This boy loves working in the kitchen.
He also figured out that he can peel his own oranges (Cuties) while we were there. Made me a little sad that he is so independent, but Chris was very impressed. 

We also got to visit my grandparents. Meredith and my Nana in their Valentines colors!
Always fun to take a four generations picture!
Have a night people, I'm headed to bed!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Stephen

Look. at. this. kid. Pretty much awesome and cool and perfect all rolled into one. 
Stephen Miles Stepp
He is a beautiful peanut whose head fits in his Mommy's hands. But not for long, this little boy can EAT. 
Look at that cowlick, just like his Dad's!
Stephen's parents aren't exactly vertically gifted if you catch my drift;) My sister-in-law is a whopping 5.4 and Justin is 5.6, but Justin's Dad Steve (who Stephen was named after) was well over six foot. I'm rooting for those genetics to win and for this tiny little man to one day be able to pick his mom up with his pinky finger:)
Stephen also gets his long toes from his grandpa Stepp! 

Angela is a excellent, excellent mom, and Stephen is just as smitten with her as she is with him.

And he is such a squirmy dude! Very alert for a three week old.
He also told me a few times that I'm his very favorite, other than Mommy. Such a smart kid, this one;)
Welcome to the family Stephen Miles!