Friday, January 25, 2013

Otto at 2.5

Crazy to think that our sweet big kid is already two and a half years old. Two going on ten, but if you ask him he's six. That answer is always accompanied with a smirk. He is very aware that he is "two fingers", but insists on telling you he is older.
Otto is currently into (and I mean really into) trains, people's full names, slides, tire shops, and things being 'a little sceery'. He could talk all day about Minky Giles, Nana Paredes, Kyle Burns, and occasionally, MeriMae Christopher Weldy. As in, "MeriMae Christopher Weldy, NO!", when she is making a grab for one his toys.
He continues to think limits are made to be tested, and always starts playground trips at the biggest slide. Last night I heard a thud followed by tears coming from his room after he had been put in bed for the night. He was learning the hard way that dancing on top of the toy chest is a bad idea:( 

He tells you to scooch. As in, "Scooch Mommy, scooch. I snuggle you." And you bet I do, snuggle time with this kid is few and far between.   
He likes his vegetables raw, with bell pepper and cucumber being his favorites. He likes steak, sometimes chicken, but bacon and sausage are his favorites. Oatmeal has been surpassed by cereal of any kind and he likes to have an after dinner bowl with Chris a couple of nights a week. 
We love this boy's adventurous spirit, compassion nature, and the way he questions everything. Wouldn't change him in the slightest! 
I'm sorry, I know this is a post about Otto but Meredith was at the park with us and got to swing for the first time. Couldn't you just eat those squichy legs right up? 

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