Friday, January 11, 2013

Galveston 2013

Whew! We are back from a week out of town, and while a mountain of laundry awaits, I thought a super long blog full of pictures would be more fun.  Wouldn't you agree? No? Well, you are welcome to come attack the laundry while I browse Pinterest;)

We've been enjoying the beach in Galveston, where a college friend married her own Christopher DWayne. Excellent choice Ashley, excellent choice. We had a great time celebrating with them, and I have Sarah pictures (!!!) to share from the night. (next post)
Our trip started last Thursday with a stop in East Texas to see Shawn and Jessica who were visiting from California for the holidays.
Then it was on to Galveston after a night at my parents. We caravanned down and Otto got to ride in MG's truck for half the trip which thrilled him. At Ashley's wedding Otto was king of the dance floor, but couldn't be bothered with a family picture. 
The rest of the week was pretty chilly and rainy, but that didn't stop us from taking Meredith to the beach for her first glimpse of the ocean!
She loved it!
One afternoon it rained so heavily that the parking lot flooded. The poor little Corolla was mid-tire deep in water and even got a little water in the floor board:(
There were a few afternoons of sunshine, which was a blessing because these two 'got' to go swimming thanks to a measly 25 likes on a Facebook status. 
Otto kept yelling, "Come back, NOW!". 
They were freezing when they got out! It was in the forties and breezy; Michael was having a hard time catching his breath. 
On Thursday, before heading home, it warmed up quite a bit and we took a long walk on the beach to help tired the littles out before the long drive home.  Otto brought a treasured bag of cheerios to use as seagull bait. They worked. 
I think we need to plan a trip in slightly warmer weather for Meri to enjoy the beach to the fullest, but did really well all things considered. 
Otto had no qualms about the weather, and was very content to try and keep up with Abbey and Michael. 
And it worked, he was tired! 
Very fun trip and lots of time spent with family, best of the best!

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