Friday, January 18, 2013

Ashley's Wedding!

I drank two cups of coffee today in an attempt to get motivated enough to fold the seven loads of laundry sitting on the love-seat, but no go. We did however clean and reorganize Otto's room, which is code for rediscover every toy that we own.

This morning we made it to the gym in time for the littles to play a bit while I watched 'I didn't know I was Pregnant' on the treadmill. Riveting stuff I tell you. And then tonight Otto insisted at saying the prayer before dinner. With his eyes squished shut, it went something like this:

"Thank you outside, burrito, Daddy Giles, 
Minky Giles, Kyle Burns!"

Very appropriate as those are all his favorite things. 

And that's all I've got for today, but how about some pictures from Ashley's wedding that I promised and then failed to deliver?

The happy couple! Still makes me smile that Ashley found an engineer named Christopher Wayne:)
More attendees! The only person from my family that couldn't make it was Israel and he was greatly missed. (Hannah Hilton, myself, Hannah holding Meredith, Michael with Otto, Abbey, Dave, and Jenny)

Aren't my parents cute?  
Otto was a FAN of the dance floor and apparently the DJ was playing all his favorites, because he insisted on dancing.
Gangnam Style!
The faces this kid makes just crack me up, he's a mess!
The wedding was gorgeous and we had such a great time. Ashley and Chris we wish you a long and happy marriage!

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