Monday, January 14, 2013

Aquarium With Augie

Today Meredith had her first baby-date with the Augie from The Womack Chronicles. Otto was thrilled to chaperone his sister because Augie had, very wisely, invited us to the Dallas World Aquarium.
And while Meri and Augie enjoyed themselves, Otto was far more impressed with the exhibits than they were. He couldn't wait to tell Chris about it when he got home from work.

Jenny was my roommate in college for a bit and a crazy fun person to be around. She loves babies and understands that outings with little people happen on their schedule.
Augie is a doll of a baby and I'm pretty sure that Jenny and Forrest need to have at least a half dozen more.
See? She can even handle two strollers at once. With style I might add.
Meri had so much fun that she only napped 30 minutes out of the entire day AND finally had her upper central break through (e).
This is her latest ham face and it just cracks me up.

Otto couldn't get over all the "Fish! Dory! Dory's friends!", and only once tried to climb into a tank.
He thought that Jenny was super cool, who else would sneak up on the sloth?
And hold him up to try and grab the waterfall?
We had a great day, and somehow avoided having to get the house back in order from the chaos that develops after a vacation. Works for me! 
Thanks for the fun day (and lunch!) Augie, Meredith thinks you're a catch!

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