Friday, January 25, 2013

Otto at 2.5

Crazy to think that our sweet big kid is already two and a half years old. Two going on ten, but if you ask him he's six. That answer is always accompanied with a smirk. He is very aware that he is "two fingers", but insists on telling you he is older.
Otto is currently into (and I mean really into) trains, people's full names, slides, tire shops, and things being 'a little sceery'. He could talk all day about Minky Giles, Nana Paredes, Kyle Burns, and occasionally, MeriMae Christopher Weldy. As in, "MeriMae Christopher Weldy, NO!", when she is making a grab for one his toys.
He continues to think limits are made to be tested, and always starts playground trips at the biggest slide. Last night I heard a thud followed by tears coming from his room after he had been put in bed for the night. He was learning the hard way that dancing on top of the toy chest is a bad idea:( 

He tells you to scooch. As in, "Scooch Mommy, scooch. I snuggle you." And you bet I do, snuggle time with this kid is few and far between.   
He likes his vegetables raw, with bell pepper and cucumber being his favorites. He likes steak, sometimes chicken, but bacon and sausage are his favorites. Oatmeal has been surpassed by cereal of any kind and he likes to have an after dinner bowl with Chris a couple of nights a week. 
We love this boy's adventurous spirit, compassion nature, and the way he questions everything. Wouldn't change him in the slightest! 
I'm sorry, I know this is a post about Otto but Meredith was at the park with us and got to swing for the first time. Couldn't you just eat those squichy legs right up? 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ashley's Wedding!

I drank two cups of coffee today in an attempt to get motivated enough to fold the seven loads of laundry sitting on the love-seat, but no go. We did however clean and reorganize Otto's room, which is code for rediscover every toy that we own.

This morning we made it to the gym in time for the littles to play a bit while I watched 'I didn't know I was Pregnant' on the treadmill. Riveting stuff I tell you. And then tonight Otto insisted at saying the prayer before dinner. With his eyes squished shut, it went something like this:

"Thank you outside, burrito, Daddy Giles, 
Minky Giles, Kyle Burns!"

Very appropriate as those are all his favorite things. 

And that's all I've got for today, but how about some pictures from Ashley's wedding that I promised and then failed to deliver?

The happy couple! Still makes me smile that Ashley found an engineer named Christopher Wayne:)
More attendees! The only person from my family that couldn't make it was Israel and he was greatly missed. (Hannah Hilton, myself, Hannah holding Meredith, Michael with Otto, Abbey, Dave, and Jenny)

Aren't my parents cute?  
Otto was a FAN of the dance floor and apparently the DJ was playing all his favorites, because he insisted on dancing.
Gangnam Style!
The faces this kid makes just crack me up, he's a mess!
The wedding was gorgeous and we had such a great time. Ashley and Chris we wish you a long and happy marriage!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Aquarium With Augie

Today Meredith had her first baby-date with the Augie from The Womack Chronicles. Otto was thrilled to chaperone his sister because Augie had, very wisely, invited us to the Dallas World Aquarium.
And while Meri and Augie enjoyed themselves, Otto was far more impressed with the exhibits than they were. He couldn't wait to tell Chris about it when he got home from work.

Jenny was my roommate in college for a bit and a crazy fun person to be around. She loves babies and understands that outings with little people happen on their schedule.
Augie is a doll of a baby and I'm pretty sure that Jenny and Forrest need to have at least a half dozen more.
See? She can even handle two strollers at once. With style I might add.
Meri had so much fun that she only napped 30 minutes out of the entire day AND finally had her upper central break through (e).
This is her latest ham face and it just cracks me up.

Otto couldn't get over all the "Fish! Dory! Dory's friends!", and only once tried to climb into a tank.
He thought that Jenny was super cool, who else would sneak up on the sloth?
And hold him up to try and grab the waterfall?
We had a great day, and somehow avoided having to get the house back in order from the chaos that develops after a vacation. Works for me! 
Thanks for the fun day (and lunch!) Augie, Meredith thinks you're a catch!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Galveston 2013

Whew! We are back from a week out of town, and while a mountain of laundry awaits, I thought a super long blog full of pictures would be more fun.  Wouldn't you agree? No? Well, you are welcome to come attack the laundry while I browse Pinterest;)

We've been enjoying the beach in Galveston, where a college friend married her own Christopher DWayne. Excellent choice Ashley, excellent choice. We had a great time celebrating with them, and I have Sarah pictures (!!!) to share from the night. (next post)
Our trip started last Thursday with a stop in East Texas to see Shawn and Jessica who were visiting from California for the holidays.
Then it was on to Galveston after a night at my parents. We caravanned down and Otto got to ride in MG's truck for half the trip which thrilled him. At Ashley's wedding Otto was king of the dance floor, but couldn't be bothered with a family picture. 
The rest of the week was pretty chilly and rainy, but that didn't stop us from taking Meredith to the beach for her first glimpse of the ocean!
She loved it!
One afternoon it rained so heavily that the parking lot flooded. The poor little Corolla was mid-tire deep in water and even got a little water in the floor board:(
There were a few afternoons of sunshine, which was a blessing because these two 'got' to go swimming thanks to a measly 25 likes on a Facebook status. 
Otto kept yelling, "Come back, NOW!". 
They were freezing when they got out! It was in the forties and breezy; Michael was having a hard time catching his breath. 
On Thursday, before heading home, it warmed up quite a bit and we took a long walk on the beach to help tired the littles out before the long drive home.  Otto brought a treasured bag of cheerios to use as seagull bait. They worked. 
I think we need to plan a trip in slightly warmer weather for Meri to enjoy the beach to the fullest, but did really well all things considered. 
Otto had no qualms about the weather, and was very content to try and keep up with Abbey and Michael. 
And it worked, he was tired! 
Very fun trip and lots of time spent with family, best of the best!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Meredith is Eight Months Old!

(These pictures were taken at 8 months and 11 days, but I'm posting them on her actual month day because I'm weird.)

This girl is getting really, really fun. 
She's developing quite the personality and is starting to stand her ground when things aren't done her way. I've even seen her try to tackle Otto when he didn't comply to her wishes. 
This month she got two teeth and started eating more and more table foods. So far the only thing that she doesn't really love is bananas; after a few bites she's done with their texture. We have also transitioned completely to formula. After being sick (twice!) in December my supply took a major hit and wouldn't come back. So we started supplementing with formula and then little miss picky decided she preferred it and stopped taking breast milk all together. Sad day for me and I still get a little stubby/sad about the whole failing at breastfeeding thing if I allow myself to think about it, so I don't. She's happy and healthy, and that's what matters. 
She still loves to jump but hasn't shown any real interest in pulling up, which we are absolutely fine with; walking will come soon enough! 
Naps are leveling out a bit, she takes two a day, generally at 10:00 and 2:00. At night she is in bed at about 7:00pm and takes a dream feed about 10:30. 
She likes making her Dad nervous and has learned a few tricks--upside down baby!
Next month I'm taking AND posting pictures on time. I will.