Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We Have Had the Plague

The past week has been rough. Full of head congestion and slime and fevers, definitely a few days I don't want to repeat. There are four kinds of juice and antibiotics in the fridge right now:( Thankfully, both the little people have perked up a little this afternoon, hopefully this means that we are over it!
Poor Meri  has had her first real taste of the dreaded bulb suction, and she hated it. Medicine is also not her thing, getting her to take ibuprofen to get her fever to come down was a nightmare. We did learn that acteminiphen doesn't help as much and that ibuprofen gives her super powers; she stayed up until 1:00am, twice!
Otto, even though he was miserable too, did his best to cheer her up. Giving her toys...
...and taking them away. 
Katie, this one is just for you;) And while we are having problems with using a tissue, he was pretending when I took this. It's funny to do things that involve germs and Mom freaking out. Yet another gem to show any and all future girlfriends. 
I'm feeling better too, and Chris *fingers crossed* has managed to avoid it. He had finals this week and into next so hopefully he stays healthy and can get some study time in--a house full of sick people don't help with that!

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  1. Okay, your kids are BEYOND adorable!! This reminds me so much of scenes from my house. Never a dull moment. And her hair?! LOVE it! So so precious. :)